The Top Benefits of a Shower Tray for Your Bathroom

You may not have considered it before – why would you possibly need a shower tray for your bathroom? Why not take a shower without the tray? But the fact is you need a shower tray. It’s not just about making sure that your bathroom looks good – and it’s not so you can impress your neighbors and tell them you’ve made some good improvements. It’s about being practical. It’s about making sure there are no stones unturned. It’s about doing things properly. Here are some top benefits of a shower tray and why you need it.

Water leakage is a big hassle

One important purpose of the shower tray – whether it’s a rectangular shower tray or a square one – is the prevention of water leakage. It’s in the nature of water to go where there is least resistance, and it’s very hard to stop water once it has found that path. A shower tray ensures that water flows where it is supposed to flow. In fact, shower trays, especially rectangular shower trays, are designed in such a way as to manipulate the direction in which water goes. As you shower, the tilt of the tray ensures the water goes immediately to the drain – it’s applied physics to your advantage.


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They’re easy to install

Bathroom installations tend to be difficult because of the limitations of space, the existing plumbing, and electrical outlets – not to mention government and building regulations. However, shower trays come in various sizes, shapes, and models and have been fabricated with easy installation in mind. With so many kinds of shower trays on the market, it’s hard to believe (next to impossible) that there isn’t a perfect shower tray for every person. Regardless of the style or model, or regardless of the budget, there is sure to be a shower tray that suits your needs and is easy to install.


You save time and money

Rather than remodeling your whole bathroom (or at least a good portion of it) to adjust to the shower requirements, it is much more practical to install a shower tray that suits your needs. Not only does it save labour and time, it also saves a lot of money. It’s not just stylish and practical, it’s also economical.

It’s all a matter of making sure that you can do what you want to do with as few hassles as possible – in this case, it’s a matter of making sure you can take a shower at leisure without having to worry about the rest of the bathroom. The shower tray does provide a lot of advantages; and we have only mentioned three of them – there are many more.


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