To Buy or Not to Buy The Truth About Trash Compactors

Trash compactors have been around since the 1970s, and these kitchen appliances haven’t always had the best rap. However, the latest models are firmly putting the past behind with updated design and innovative changes that make them a true convenience for interested households. Read on to find some of the ways that trash compactors have improved and can make your life easier.

Slimmed-Down Silhouette


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Gone are the days of super bulky, noisy trash compactors. Many models can now fit neatly beneath a cabinet, or are free-standing with elegant designs created to match most kitchen schemes. In fact, it’s even common now to have two trash compactors in a kitchen — one for trash, one for recycling — which is completely possible considering their much smaller design. For those worried about a trash compactor cramping their kitchen style: the design has been stepped up so that’s not an issue anymore.


One of the biggest complaints about trash compactors has always been the smell. With a few days’ worth of garbage fitting in just one of the bags, it’s understandable that things can get smelly. However, newer models include charcoal filters and other smell-reducing technologies that dramatically reduce, or in some cases eliminate, any and all offensive odors. It’s also worth noting that a good way to reduce smell in compactors is to simply place a piece of paper over the top of the trash before running the compactor, so that the plate doesn’t touch the trash and get waste on it, which can add to the smell problem.

Reduced Trash Load

Trash compactors can handle more waste than ever before, with some models able to compress around six bags of trash into one single bag, which not only saves money by reducing the amount of trash bags used and purchased, but also cuts down on the amount of non-biodegradable trash bags going to the dump. By compressing six bags of trash into one, it also helps keep a tidier house, especially if you can’t walk your trash out to the outdoor receptacle every day. If you live in an area that charges for trash service by volume, buying a trash compactor can actually help you save money.

Conscientious Safety Features

The idea behind a trash compactor is a dream come true for many busy families with children — it helps reduce mess and time spent on dealing with trash, and keeps the volume of trash leaving the home at a minimum. The newer models include safety features that protect tiny fingers and curious kids who want to see exactly what they can crush. Most are designed to not open until after the compactor stops running, and many come with a key so that they can’t be accessed unless manually unlocked. Since compactors cannot crush everything, especially glass, which may rip bags or jam up the compactor, this is a great feature for parents who worry about their children throwing things into it that they should not.

If you’ve ever thought about buying one of these devices, now is definitely the time to do so. Trash compactors have been revamped in design and functionality to fit a modern, budget-conscious lifestyle.


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