The Feuerring: Grill in Style and Live Healthy

The steel sculptor Andreas Reichlin from Switzerland developed and designed the unique Feuerring in 2005, the first of its kind, made from massive steel plates on highest artisanal level. He created a patented and esthetically appealing piece of art which focuses on the essentials. With the Feuerring you can prepare grillables easily and healthy, due to the indirect heat completely without cancer-causing vapors. For this precious artwork the artist only uses alloyed steel. “The steel ring gets welded without an edge; an original Feuerring is made out of a single cut”, says Andreas Reichlin. A Feuerring is a well-crafted symbiosis between design and awesome usage possibilities – regardless if you’d like to cook a vegetarian meal or a juicy steak. His benefit is enormous; different heat fields on the broad steel ring allow for ideal conditions for any kind of grillable, in the middle approximately 570 °F, on the outer ring half of that. The result is a pure taste experience. Guests and grill chefs agree: The Feuerring is the grill of unlimited possibilities.




The Swiss Gourmet Chef Chris Züger is also amazed by the unique and patented way of grilling: “With the Feuerring you decide yourself, when it’s the right time to eat. A trout for example can be put on a wood slat and can comfortably be eaten after two hours: the fish tastes perfectly. Furthermore, the Feuerring uses the principle of a cast-iron skillet: The more I use it, the better it gets for grilling and it even gets protected against corrosion. Moreover, the Feuerring is easy to clean. With a broom, a small shovel, a piece of cloth and a little bit of oil, the unique artwork is ready for its next use within no time.” Through the original Feuerring Andreas Reichlin passes on a piece of his life philosophy: having good talks with friends, sitting around a crackling fire which is framed classily and enjoying healthy vegetables, fish and meat – to that the Feuerring invites throughout the whole year.


15_06_24_Feuerring_Spitzenkoch Chris Züger am Grillen


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