Stylish Ways to Hide Your TV

A TV takes up a huge space in your living room or bedroom, but you may not be willing to give it up along with your nightly shows. How do you balance your desire to create stylish and inviting decor with your enjoyment of watching television while snuggling on the couch or dozing off to sleep?

With a little creativity, you can keep your TV stowed out of sight when not in use but keep it close at hand to view content whenever you want. Here are a few stylish ways that you can hide your TV:

Attractive Cabinet


Plenty of entertainment cabinets are available that close up when not in use. The doors close over just like the cabinets in your kitchen, keeping your TV, stereo, DVDs and other entertainment devices and media out of sight when not in use. An entertainment cabinet can be easily moved if you decide that you want to redecorate.

Picture Covering


A hinged door or sliding doors can be hung in front of the TV to block it from view. You can personalize the look by hanging a large family photo or piece of artwork over the TV. When you want to watch, just lift up the photo or slide it to the side.

Stylish Paneling


Of course, you can also leave the paneling plain without the art. The paneling itself can enhance your decor if you choose the right molding, stain, and styling. The paneling can look  like wall molding so it looks like nothing is there at all. Or you can choose paneling that has a distinctive look, such as barn doors set on a track or vintage shutters hung on hinges. You make choices that reflect the overall design of the room.

Large Mirror

Disco style mirror with tv - Mozilla Firefox 6182012 62703 PM

A well-placed mirror can serve as a centerpiece for the room. Why not put it over your TV? The mirror can be hung on hinged doors or a fold-up panel, just like a piece of art work. You may have to have the piece custom-built by a professional since glass can be tricky and dangerous to work with.

Projector Screen

A projector screen may be perhaps the easiest option to install and use. Just mount the screen with screws, and pull down the screen to cover the TV when it’s not in use. You can hang a picture on the screen or even a map. It will function as decor when the TV is not being used.

Consider options like streaming services and satellite TV, which you can find more info about online. You’ll love spending time in the room when you’re watching TV and when you’re not.

With a little creativity, you can come up with many stylish ways to hide your TV so that your decor can focus on your personal style and not the electronics in your home. Yet you don’t want to treat your TV like a prop. You should put as much effort into creating a great entertainment experience as you do into decorating your home.


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