Steel vs Aluminium Radiators

The popularity of central heating radiators has really flourished in the past few decades. At one time homes and businesses usually saw the traditional white, gray or black radiators installed and they were almost always made out of cast iron. Today, all types of shapes, colours and materials are used including cast iron, steel, aluminum and more. All of these different materials come with their own list of advantages and disadvantages. Really what it boils down to is what each specific consumer and property owner is looking for when it comes to their heating options.


Here is a closer look at steel vs aluminium radiators and what both of these different products have to offer once installed:



Steel is a very durable and high quality metal that is often used for radiators. One of the biggest benefits of using steel is that it does not rust over time. This is assuming that a high quality grade of steel is being used as poor quality steels may rust or wear over time. There are actually 150 different grades of steel so it is important to question what type of product you are getting when having a product installed.


Steel very easily conducts heat which makes a radiator made out of steel a very efficient option. Even when you turn off your central heating system, steel will retain its heat for a much longer amount of time than other materials so you will be reaping the benefits for some time after. This saves on energy costs.


The finish of steel is very attractive and it is also very simple to maintain by way of a quick wipe down every few months.

The Cost

Steel is not cheap at this point in time so expect to pay more for a steel radiator.



Aluminium has the ability to be a fantastic conductor. Aluminium has the ability to respond very quickly to a change in setting which gives you optimal control over the comfort level of your home or office.


Aluminium is able to emit heat very easily and efficiently. When you turn on a central heating system that has an aluminium radiator you can expect your home or office to warm up in a very short amount of time. Aluminum radiators require very little water content in order to heat a room which equates to lower monthly bills as well. Because of the lightweight quality of aluminum it is easier for a company to install. Installation fees may actually be lower because of this.


Aluminum is non-corrosive so you will find the quality is retained for many years.


Aluminium can be manipulated in a number of different ways in order to create all kinds of styles, finished and colours. It is really a very versatile material that works great for radiator construction.

There are both advantages of disadvantages to different radiator material options and there is a lot to think about when it comes to steel vs. aluminium radiators. Really the winner comes down to what a person wants from their radiator. Cost is usually a primary factor when it comes to having a radiator installed but depending on the location many people also pay close attention to the style of a unit. AEL Heating Solutions has products for everyone’s preferences and needs. Not only will their installed radiators keep your home or office warm and cozy all year round but they are also aesthetically pleasing and will look great.


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