Stainless Steel Mosaic Tiles: Giving Your Kitchen a Modern Look

There are lots of reason to use stainless steel mosaic tiles in your kitchen. Once used only in kitchen utensils, stainless steel metal tiles has found its way into more uses in the kitchen for example on countertops and in bathrooms. More specifically, stainless steel mosaic has been and is most recommended for use on kitchen backsplashes. These stainless backsplashes are installed on the walls just above the sink or stove as these places are more prone to dirt (food debris, oil splitters, moisture etc.) than most places in the kitchen. But why are stainless steel mosaic tiles a choice for most, if not all, interior designers? Well, let’s explore them below.

Modern look

It’s by no doubt that stainless steel mosaic gives your kitchen a futuristic and ultra-modern look and that’s commendable unlike other ceramics or marbles. The modern design look that these tiles brings to your kitchen is the ideal of today’s modern kitchen. If you are looking to make your kitchen feel like the Jetson’s Kitchen, make use of stainless steel mosaic tiles and you will witness the beauty these tiles bring in your kitchen.B224889_strFNPicture2B224889_strFNPicture1

Wide Range of Choices

One of the best reasons to use stainless steel mosaic tiles for your kitchen backsplash is due to the wide range of options- patterns and finishes, to choose from. They have a design flexibility that makes them adorn several looks, for example, the traditional shiny style, the matte stainless steel style, punched, ripped or distressed styled tiles. All these styles will surely add a distinctive look to your kitchen.B224889_strFNPicture3

Easy Installation

Stainless steel mosaic tiles are easy to fix or install. With just the use a metal tile adhesives and circular saws in some cases, these steel tiles can be easily installed. The circular saw is basically used to cut certain parts or areas of the tiles. Take caution to wear protective gloves and eyewear.

Easy to clean

All of us would love their kitchens to be clean, and with use of stainless steel mosaic tiles, this is practically possible. These tiles are very easy to clean. Although fingerprints may be a concern to some, when small amounts of steel cleaner is used, this concern is fully eliminated. Use a clean and lint-free piece of cloth to wipe off the fingerprints. Avoid scrub or steel wool if you do not want scratches on your tiles.


Other than flexibility and ease of cleaning and installation, stainless steel mosaic tiles are very durable and do not break easily, compared to glass tiles or ceramics tiles. If you use these tiles for your kitchen backsplash, be sure it will last long. The stainless backsplash is resistant to rust, stains, non-porous and will not absorb any liquid stains. It will always remain as new all the time.


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Author: Maja Markovski


A 35-year-old female architect with a passion for innovative, sustainable design. I blend creativity and functionality to transform spaces into beautiful, practical environments.


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