Selling Your House Quickly

Selling Your House QuicklyIt can be really frustrating to have a house on the market. You might feel in a state of limbo – not yet able to move out but emotionally already having moved on. You might need the cash from selling your current property to be able to move you’re your dream home. Or it might just be time for a life change and being stuck you’re your old house could be holding you back. Whatever the reason you need to sell up quickly, preparing your house for market in the right way can prevent viewings from stagnating and help you get the best price as quickly as possible. Just a few little tweaks and improvements can make a huge difference to how buyers think and feel about your home, so here’s a guide to help you get your property in the best possible shape, and get those offers coming in!

Targeted Approach

The first step to selling your property quickly and painlessly is to consider your target market. Who do you think might buy your property? A professional young couple perhaps? A growing family who need more space? An older couple whose children have flown the nest? Once you’ve got an answer, try to tailor your space to appeal to that main target market without alienating other groups that might also be interested. So if you think a professional couple would think your house is ideal, then make sure there’s a well-established workspace that doesn’t feel shoved away in the spare room. Plus, by turning the spare room back into a true bedroom, you’ll leave your property open to interest from young couples with children as well. You should also consider the timing of putting your property on the market; the best times to sell are Spring around February and March time, or Autumn during September and early October. Traditionally during these months demand exceeds supply and so prices are usually at their most buoyant.

Blank Canvas

Potential buyers need to be able to imagine themselves living in your house, so get rid of ornaments and photos to give them the mental space to put their stamp on it, therefore increasing your chance of an offer. This is especially important in children’s bedrooms, as these usually have a lot more clutter and personalization to start with.  Put things you don’t really use on a daily basis in the attic or rent a storage unit – it’s not forever, and will really improve your house’s prospects on the market. Large pieces of furniture should also go into storage; this will make rooms feel much bigger. Hallways are often neglected when sellers are preparing their properties, but it’s the first impression a buyer will have of the interior of your home, so clear away coats and shoes, and give all the surfaces a thorough clean. Finally, give your home a spritz of an inviting (but not overpowering!) scent to make buyers feel welcome… you could even use the old open house trick of baking cookies just before they arrive.


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