See What a Buyer Sees: Looking At Your Bathroom With New Eyes

If you plan to sell your home at any time in the future, you’ve likely thought about how to maximize the price your home will command. But if you’ve lived in your house for a long time, it can become hard to see your house for what it really is: the way a buyer will see it. I won’t take you through your entire home, but we’ll use the example of the bathroom to illustrate this point.

It’s where people spend a lot of time. They want to be comfortable when they’re in there, and they want it to be clean and attractive. If your bathroom isn’t one or more of these, it’ll weigh down the price you can hope to get when you go to sell. I’ll look at one bathroom item in particular: the bath vanity, and tell you what a buyer will see in that item.

  • Your bath vanity tells your prospective buyer a lot about your home as a whole. Is the bath vanity new or old? Is it easy to use (a high faucet that overhangs a large vessel) or not (a low hanging faucet close to the wall of the vessel). Is the bath vanity using available space well, or is it too large or too small for your bathroom? Is it stained? A bath vanity should fit the space of your bathroom well. If it’s a small bathroom, consider a tall, thin pedestal sink bath vanity, which will be a lovely accentuation to a space without adding much in the way of square footage. If you have a lot of bathroom, a cabinet or vessel sink model will take up some of that extra floor space with style, all the while giving you a lot of extra room to stow your stuff. Buyers will love a well chosen bath vanity.
  • Is your bath vanity functional? This means more than being hooked up to a water source. Some vanities are plumbed in such a way that they get inadequate water pressure. Others have only one vessel when they really need two, as in the case of large family homes or bathrooms adjoining master suites. So, ask yourself what kind of buyer you are looking for (single occupant, old person, couple, family?), and make sure that your bath vanity serves that customer. Of course, you want to apply this reasoning to every implement in the house as well.
  • Is your bath vanity modern? Stores like Modern Bathroom can get you the nicest and the newest. This may be the perfect solution for you. But old vanities can work as well. Old vanities aren’t new, of course, but if they are the right style, they can be just as relevant and modern looking as something that just rolled off the assembly line. I personally tend to opt for new vanities. They can be professionally installed, and there’s always something new and exciting which will catch a buyer’s eye. That’s another strategy right there. By buying new designs, you’ll know that your buyer will see something special in your house, something they’ve never seen before. That may be exactly what separates your house from the pack.

Like I said, you’ll definitely want every appliance in your house to be chosen with the same care we’ve applied to this situation. The same also goes for walls, floors, and everything else that makes your house what it is. Give your house a walk through, trying to see it in all its detail that way a prospective buyer would. If necessary, get a friend to come over and give you the brutal truth. Sometimes its the little things that stand out to a stranger, for good or ill of the value of your home. Don’t let it be the bath vanity that does you in.


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