Romantic Mood with Dimmer Switches

Hey everybody! I am a lucky owner of a new high-tech designed residence. That has always been my cherished dream and now it comes true like a real marvel in my life. I am still on my way to home space improvement and am in a constant search of any smart solutions that make our life easier and extremely comfortable.

I have already installed recessed light, glass floor panels, massage bathtub, and other pleasant cute things which put my girl-friends to the highest level of delight. Now I am thinking of one more such trick. This should be a soft and romantic light dimming. Just imagine you are sitting on a couch with a beautiful girl in your embraces, listening to the music and drinking a glass of wine. You just need one single small gesture and light level goes down, the surrounding atmosphere becomes dim and obtains its deep dramatic mood. That is magnificent. I am totally absorbed by this idea.rustic-bedroom

The choice of dimmer switches is striking. There are various functional solutions, shapes, forms, colors of dimmer switchers. Still local home centers do not offer as wide range of dimmer switches as on-line stores. I personally applied to Westside Wholesale on-line household store. It offers easy to install and relatively inexpensive models of dimmer switches. Lutron, Cooper, Leviton and Watt Stopper brands are widely represented at Westside Wholesale. The types of dimmer switchers differ from the most economy ones like rotary dial switches to ultra-high end dimmer switches with remote control function. There are also available such types as slide and touch dimmer switches. All of these types are represented in multiple color solutions and bear a reliable warranty support given by their manufacturer.

The installation and exploitation process is very simple. For example, for decreasing or increasing of a light level in your apartment by rotary dial dimmer switch, you just need to turn the dial. Slide dimmer switch is to be sliding up and down to change the light intensity. Touch dimmer switches have no moving parts and react to your finger touch. Still the best variant for me is a modern ultra-high end dimmer switch. It is the most expensive one, but it allows light level regulating right from the place where you are sitting. Just like in Hollywood films.

Oh, I have almost forgotten to add some interesting and useful features about dimmer switches. They are not only a romantic and comfortable solution for your dates, but also a very economy method for your household. They help to save your costs by electricity bills, prolong the life span of your electric light bulbs and positively reflect on the health of your eyes and nervous system.

One more thing, when you will be purchasing dimmer switchers do not forget to count the total wattage for your future dimmer to control. All the dimmer switches are usually rated for particular wattages. You need to be sure that the dimmer switch that you are buying will be able to control the total load used in your apartment.

Have a pleasant shopping with Westside Wholesale and successful dates in your apartment with new romantic dimmer switches.


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