How the Right Desk Chair Can Increase Productivity

Here is a scenario that might sound familiar to you: You’ve been working for an hour or two and already your back has started to ache, you feel restless and want to leave your desk, and you are finding it difficult to concentrate on the task at hand. You get up to walk around the office for a while and then go back to your desk, disappointed to find that you haven’t done much work in the past hour or so. If this happens to you frequently, the culprit may not be a problem focusing; it might be your office furniture. The type of desk chair you use can have a huge impact on the way you work and on how much you get done in certain periods of time. One researcher found that the proper desk chair helped him sit comfortably for seven to eight hours, as opposed to his previous two, he no longer had upper middle-back pain, andΒ he had better output while working and writing. To increase your productivity, read on to find out how the right chair can be the perfect solution.image

Why Comfort Is Important

Apart from simply making your day more enjoyable, a comfortable office chair is important for your health. Lower-back pain is the number two reason that people in the U.S. visit their doctors, and up to 80 percent of all people have lower-back pain during their lifetimes. Most adults in America are experiencing this problem at some point, so it’s likely it has happened to you. If it hasn’t, then it will probably happen before too long. One reason for all of this back pain may be that people are sitting in the wrong office chairs. If your office came pre-equipped with a chair, it’s probable that chair doesn’t suit you and that you would be more productive and pain-free if you purchased, or asked your employer to purchase, a different chair. You should have an office chair that allows you to sit with your lower back supported by the chair and the chair itself should be reclined. You can find many options online for a new office chair, such as ergonomic Vast Market office chairsthat will allow you to customize your seating options for maximum comfort and productivity.

How to Buy a New Chair

There are many different elements to consider when purchasing an office chair. One is the height of the chair’s seat. It is important that your chair allow you to sit with your feet flat on the floor and with your arms even with your desk, according to Spine Health. If you are comfortable while you are typing you will be able to type for longer periods of time. Also, back pain can be quite a distraction throughout your day and keep you from focusing your mind on the tasks at hand. If you aren’t worried about back pain or discomfort, you will be able to work for longer periods of time and have better focus. The seat of your chair is also important. If your seat is too long, you could strain your legs and back as you try to sit forward.image1

When you get ready to shop for a new office chair, shopping online can help you look for the specific dimensions and features that you need. If, for example, you are browsing Vast Market office chairs, you will be able to look at the dimensions and the adjustability of each chair before you make your purchase. This can help you make sure that you get a chair that will suit you perfectly and therefore increase your productivity at work. You can also look for features that will help you throughout your work day, such as chair wheels, different types of fabric, and even various colors. The design scheme of an office can also contribute to productivity –or the lack thereof– and so choosing a chair that appeals to you visually can really help you enjoy your work day more. But comfort is key, so make a choice that will prevent back pain, keep you comfortable as you work, and help you work better.

You may be surprised by the big difference that a new desk chair can make in your work day. You should focus on the height of your desk chair, its space relative to your computer monitor and keyboard, and make sure that your wrists are almost straight as you type so that you don’t strain any muscles. When your back and arms are comfortable, you will be able to free your mind to focus on work instead of on the discomfort you feel. Remember to check return policies on all chairs so that you can test one out for a day or so before you commit to your new office chair. This will help you make sure that you are comfortable, and therefore very productive, at work every day.Β 


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