Revitalise Your Office For A Fresh Start

Refreshing your office is a great way to boost motivation, impress clients and advertise your products or services in an impact making way. So don’t put up with a bland space any longer, we’ve put together some ideas to boost your office productivity and express your personality.

Shot of a whiteboard, table and chairs in an empty office


Our top ten office decorating tips

  1. Who can resist the lure of new office stationery and pristine notebooks. But before we know it our office is cluttered and we can’t find anything important. The first step to a new office is a ruthless declutter.
  2. Now that you can actually see your walls and furniture, appraise the general decor. Nothing lifts a room more than a motivational wallpaper. Go for creative-boosting designs on one wall or something calm throughout the room. On the internet is easy to find some websites, where you can design your own wallpapers online in just some minutes.
  3. Your wallpaper gives you your basic colour scheme. Now find an organising system that works for you, one where you can lay your hands on everything quickly. Pick a theme colour that works with your wall covering. Toning or clashing it’s entirely up to you!
  4. Why not go one step further and let us put together a whole set of stationery that fits right into your colour scheme or advertises your services in a way that complements your office decor?
  5. If you’re not lucky enough to have a spectacular view from your desk, don’t despair. Boost your mood and motivation with an inspiring framed print or poster or a great mirror that reflects a window behind you.
  6. Keep furniture coordinated and fitting into your colour scheme to gain a greater sense of space. If you can’t afford a new desk, try painting or staining the one you have.
  7. Think about the look of your lights to immediately refresh your office space. Put a spot on that brilliant poster we created for you or go for dramatic overhead shades.
  8. A mood board is an easy and affordable way of adding colour, especially if you are in the creative business. Simply fix a large cork board to your wall and fill it with clippings and postcards that inspire you.
  9. Plants, plants and more plants – nothing is more guaranteed to flag boosting energy levels than a few minutes spent tending to plants dotted around your office. The oxygen they produce doesn’t do any harm either.
  10. Finally, add some texture. Whether it’s funky rugs or beautiful throws you can snuggle into on cold winter work days tactile textiles always add something extra to your workspace.
Potted plant in the office cubicles.



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