Before the Renovation: Project Preparation Pointers that Make All the Difference

Renovating a property is incredibly exciting and it gives you the scope to put your own creative stamp on your home. From plush curtains to vibrant wallpapers, your mind will be full of fantastic new ideas as to how you’re going to transform this property into your dream home. But stop right there. It’s so easy to get carried away thinking about all of the lovely things you’re going to put in a property but renovating is more than just pretty decorations and state-of-the-art furniture.

To get a renovation project right, you need to make sure you have a plan, and you stick to it. Making sure all of the preparation is in place during this time will help to make things run smoothly – and then you can unleash your paintbrush and designer wallpapers!

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Here are just some of the things you need to consider when renovating:

Your Budget

It goes without saying that you need to have a firm figure in your mind for this project as it’s very easy for this to run away with you. While you may want high-quality fixtures and fittings throughout your home, it’s important that you’ve got the cash to do this. Get as many quotes as you can and try to plan a budget for all aspects of your renovation, and don’t miss any of the finer details. For example, if you’re putting your things into storage with a company like AAA Storage Houston, then make sure they’re on your budget spreadsheet.

Then, add about 20% onto this so you’re covered if any issues do arise during the renovation.


Be Realistic

This pointer goes hand in hand with your budget preparation as you need to try and remain grounded during this process so you don’t run out of money. It’s very easy to get carried away looking at the latest technology for your kitchen and that awesome power shower for your bathroom, but try to remain level-headed as to whether you need these features and whether you can afford them.

If you do want all of the latest gadgets and designer gear in your home, then it may be a good idea to renovate in stages. This gives you the time to save for these extra little bits and will also help to make sure you don’t run out of budget halfway through the renovation, leaving you upside down for months on end.



While you may get hundreds of different quotes for contractors, building materials and so on, you may feel like the figures are overwhelming and that you can’t see the wood for the trees. Try to talk to other people about their recent renovation projects, getting their advice on where they saved money, who they used to carry out the various jobs, and what their overall budget was and whether they stuck to it. This gives you a good understanding as to what you can expect and will help you to focus your attention on those key areas that could end up being costly.


Monitor the Work

So many people will book in a contractor to carry out some renovations while they’re on holiday, only to return to find the work hasn’t been done how they expected and they’re not happy with something. Unless you’ve used your builder before and you can trust them to carry out every detail as you wish, you should be visiting the property as much as possible to monitor the work. It’s likely that there will be mistakes, and if these aren’t found until several weeks later, it can be even more costly to rectify them.


The Resale Value

If you’re renovating a property to create your forever home then you may not need to worry about choosing things that will add to the resale value. However, if you’re planning on selling the property within a few years, it’s a good idea to try and retain some classic features that will help your house to sell. Try not to get too carried away picking the latest fashions as these could be out of date within a year. Instead, choose items that will remain timeless and that are neutral in taste so other homebuyers will walk into the space and can visualize themselves living there. For example, white fridge-freezers, cream / white color schemes and white sanitary ware.

And most of all – enjoy your renovation! This is the time when you can create something that evokes your personality and incorporates all of the things you’ve always wanted in a home.

Ellis Watson is a builder who has experience working on renovation projects, including his own family home. He writes about building and renovation projects and the work that’s involved.


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