Should Your New Door Be Professionally Installed?

Are you a home ownerlooking to replace your front door? If you are, turning this into a DIY project has probably crossed your mind on a number of occasions. While that inclination to tackle the door replacement is admirable, relying on industry professionals provides you with extra assurance that the job will be done properly and, most importantly, safely. Here are a few things to consider for your upcoming front door project:

Prevent Serious Injury

It has been reported that, annually, slightly more than 75% of people who attempt any kind of DIY project injure themselves in some capacity. These injuries range from minor (small cut, bruise, etc.) to more serious (broken or amputated fingers, back and neck injuries, concussions, etc.). When it comes to door installation, the actual job itself isn’t the only hazard. Delivering the door to the job site can cause injury as many people they don’t realize how heavy and awkward some doors are to handle.Hiring professional installers alleviates the worry of injury to you and those who may offer their help during the DIY process.


Avoid Common Installation Problems

There’s a reason professional door installers exist – it is by no means an easy task. Many issues can arise after a door is incorrectly hung. The most common issues after faulty installation include: squeaky hinges, doors that stick or worse, don’t latch properly – in a DIY job, there is a 90% chance one or more of these issues will crop up. A poorly installed door will cause air leakage due to an improper seal while and existing trims and/or wall plates may become damaged or misaligned.


Experts Can Install Doors Quickly

No one likes the process of construction or change within a home, even when it comes to windows replacement. It’s often tedious and an inconvenience to those living in the home where the project is taking place. A DIY door installation will take longer to complete for an average Joe when compared to the time it would take a pro. Plainly speaking, most people wouldn’t know how long it takes to hang a new door. As a DIY project, the process could take you anywhere from half a day to a few days – and since hanging a door wouldn’t be your specialty, you may still have issues afterwards. When factoring in removing the old door, planning the new one to ensure that it fits correctly and cutting holes to install the door’s locks, you’re looking at another hour or two to a full day; and that’s the estimated time for an expert!

While the financial implications may be tempting as you look to save a small amount of money to complete a door installation yourself, the long and short-term inconveniences (as well as the issues that could arise) could make this DIY project more costly in the long run- whether that’s with your health, your time or your wallet.



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