Moving To The Country? How To Get The Best Spec Home

Around 80% of Americans live in big cities, and out of this figure, 27% of them say that rural living would be preferable if the opportunity arose. The appeal of moving to the country is understandable, given the more relaxed lifestyle, greener environment, cheaper food, and even less expensive housing. In addition, remote employment is becoming more common, making it easy to do work from anywhere. If you’re planning a move to the country, finding a spec home is one of the immediate tasks that you should do. Considering that there is a limited housing supply rural areas, acquiring a suitable dwelling that meets your needs, requirements and budget will make the transition from city to country living easier.

Check Existing Inventory

Finding a spec home in an area where you want to live is an ideal scenario. However, existing inventory in the country is often lower than in urban areas, making it more difficult to locate the perfect site. Texasland agents, who specialize in ranch-style country homes in Texas, recommend reaching out to real estate brokers in your preferred communities, since they will know the area well, and will be familiar with the available number of spec homes. Moreover, they are familiar with the reputation of builders who are building move-in-ready homes.
Once you find a spec home, take the time to inspect the property thoroughly. Test doors, windows and kitchen appliances. Make sure that the roof is solid and the chimney and gutters are working. Walkways, sheds, decks, driveways and garages must be inspected. Plumbing, sump pumps, circuit breakers, heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) systems, and foundations must be assessed. In other words, hire professional home inspectors to do a detailed job for you. Doing so will prevent costly repairs in the future, and offers an opportunity to fix faults before you move in. As you will be living in the country, it might not be that easy to get a handyman to repair a leaking faucet or an overloaded circuit breaker quickly. A home inspection ensures that you’re moving into a safe and risk-free property, and reduces the risk of needing to call someone out at short notice.

Connect With A Builder

If there is no spec home available immediately, your realtor will be able to connect you with builders who are planning to construct homes. The advantage of buying a spec home is that both seller and buyer win from the transaction, with the builder making a profit and the purchaser saving money on a brand new and reliable house.

When dealing with a builder, there are several things that you should know before sealing the deal. One is to know the average build time, which is usually 6.6 months, according to the U.S. Census Bureau’s Survey of Construction. You can also check previous spec homes that were built, or contact references that they provide. Ask what standard features are included and if you can access the site during the build process.

Relocating to the countryside is a dream come true for many. Finding your ideal immediate occupancy home is possible by getting in touch with realtors, inspecting a new build, and doing your due diligence before signing the contract to construct a spec home.


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