Marcon House by Ramella Arquitetura in Xangri-la, Brazil

Project: Marcon House
Architects: Ramella Arquitetura
Location: Xangri-la, Brazil
Area: 3,444 sf
Photographs by: Marcelo Donadussi

Marcon House by Ramella Arquitetura

Ramella Arquitetura have completed the Marcon House on a beautiful, open lot in Xangri-la, on the southern coast of Brazil. The home features a very inviting and playful exterior built with brick and concrete. This classic combination of materials has been very carefully adapted to a modern look, opening the house’s interiors to the sights of the outdoor areas.

The tapering terrain for the lake was instrumental in staggering the broader front plant and narrowing in the back, and its ground floor needs plan had to be expanded to a mezzanine because of the lake’s bottom views since the living room narrowed. The stepped decking on the back porch, just past the living room, was also a solution to approach the lake from the patio and made integration with the landscape and gardens more attractive.

The apparent brick and concrete house sit in a condominium of lots in Xangri-la, south coast of Brazil, and its interior living is strictly connected to the integration with the landscape and gardens, which the family sought in a beach house. Its more blind facade of openings houses a garage-porch with a small garden in the background that merges into the living room with double height and mezzanine. Its interior, in textures of concrete, wood and brick details follows a reference to the external facades, it leaves everything cozy in an architectonic composition in perfect harmony.

The volume of the deposit of beach items with a higher right foot for planks and fishing articles in the front of the house generated more imposing to the earthy facade that is softened by the horizontality of the green cover slab in apparent concrete. The design of the landscaping done by the architect had the function of delimiting the spaces of the land with a garden created to grow and to follow the changes of the house during the time.”Limo, mosses, stains on concrete and brick, are marks that time leaves in the house and transforms it during the time, as well as its garden that behaves in different ways according to the time of year.”

Ramella Arquitetura

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