Do You Make These 9 Decorating Mistakes?

titleMost homeowners strive to turn their house into a piece of art that reflects their personal tastes. Although art is subjective, there are just some guidelines in home decorating that everyone should, at the very least, try to conform with.

Here are some common decorating mistakes every enthusiastic homeowner should avoid.

 1. Matching furniture, everywhere

Most homeowners often hesitate in experimenting with furniture for fear that varying patterns or textures won’t complement each other. As such, they resort to selecting one pattern for two or more pieces.

Imagine the living area with the loveseat, side chairs, and throw pillows sharing one classic yet elaborate pattern—a busy sight, right? Keep your room light and interesting by using different kinds of fabrics and styles that complement each other. A room should look like every piece naturally fell into place, not stringent or forced.

2. Missing out on room proportions

Before buying a piece of furniture, consider the scale of the room where it would go. Often, homeowners are fooled by the large, open areas and high ceilings of retail stores so they end up buying furniture that is out of proportion. Always map out the dimensions of your room to avoid mishaps such as this.

3. Discontinuity of design style in common areas

Every room in your house should have some continuity and natural flow. This cannot be achieved if you decorate each room as if it were its own box. Rooms that lead to one another, especially the kitchen and dining area, should be an extension of the other, aesthetically. The colors and tones should be harmonious; pastel should lead to pastel, bold to bold. This is also true for flooring and carpets. Don’t limit the aesthetics of your space by furnishing each room in a bubble.

4. Too much “art”Too-many-picturescan-strain-the-eyes

Leave room for your eyes to rest. Wall hangings can be visually stimulating, but too much of it is the perfect recipe to clutter. Strategically-placed art on walls can breathe life in any room in your home.

5. Aesthetics over function and quality

When choosing new furniture for your home, look for pieces that are made of durable, quality material. Avoid basing all purchases on design alone, especially for functional furniture such as cabinets.

If you’re into antique chairs or tables, keep an eye out for the condition and the kind of wood used, as well as its upkeep. Each furniture is an investment that should be carefully considered; after all, it’s not every year that you get to remodel your home.

6. Insufficient lighting

Proper lighting can transform a room into a more inviting and comfortable space. Most people overlook accent lighting in favor of overhead lighting, which often makes a room look flat and dull. Light should come in layers that complement the tone and color of your furnishings.

7. Decorative clutter

Too many picture frames on the shelves? While adding a personal touch to fixtures can make any room feel more like your home, too many decorations only break the continuity of your design. Complement your surfaces with either a picture frame, a couple of books, or a vase with flowers. Keep it clean and simple.

8. Working around painted wallsChoose-your-furniture before-painting

Painting the walls before choosing furniture is often a costly and painstaking mistake. While you can always mix paint colors to create a specific shade, combining different patterns and fabrics can be difficult. This applies to both dining and living areas. Why spend days looking for upholstery that complements your painted walls? Sofas and seats first; next, walls.

9. Setting furniture up against the walls

Moving your furniture against the walls does not provide more space. Rather, it distances the people in common areas, which should serve as a place of gathering and intimacy. In the living area, establish a feeling of inclusion by setting sofas and armchairs adjacent each other.

You won’t go wrong with these decorating tips. Happy decorating!

About the author: Angie Cole is a full-time blogger with keen interest in interior design. She contributes to the blog of Antiques on Old Plank Road, home of antique desks and other French antique furniture.


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