In The Lap of Luxury: 7 Stylish Solutions to Revitalise Your Humble Abode

Living in the same house for a long time can be a wonderful thing; you get to know every nook and cranny, you’re endlessly comfortable, and you know where every piece of furniture and decoration goes. There are, however, benefits to changing up your household once in awhile, and if moving house isn’t an option for you, it might be time to take matters into your own hands. Whether you’re looking for landscape gardeners in perth or blinds in Melbourne, this list of solutions will give you lots of ideas about how to revamp your home.


Blinds can make a house’s walls pop, and can set the tone for the entire room they’re in, so it’s no doubt they’re important in setting a scene, but the colour you choose can also help offset the overall decoration you’ve chosen to apply. A darker set of curtains will complement a darker set of furniture, and so on. Interior decorators can be consulted for help in the stylistic trappings of curtain choice.

Home interior 3D rendering

Home interior 3D rendering


If new blinds aren’t your cup of tea, there are many more options available to you. Repainting can be done in any room, and often makes the place look brand new, although it does require a bit of preparation to achieve the best results. Planning your painting out well in advance will allow you to find the colour best suited to the room or rooms you wish to change, and colour-matching with your furniture can add synchronized colour schemes which can really make the room pop.



Sometimes old carpet can drag down the whole look of a place, making it seem much shabbier than it is, and the same can be said for worn floorboards or off-coloured tiles. Flooring, in other words, can have a huge impact on the overall feeling and look of a room, and while changing your floors is a bit of a bigger undertaking than painting a wall or changing some blinds, it is a change that can not only liven up your old rooms, but even increase the value of the house.



Renovating is a huge task for anyone to undertake, and it’s often done in large sections at a time, but when done correctly, it can seriously amaze and bewilder long-time guests of your humble abode. Adding rooms onto your existing house is a long-term revitalisation tactic, and when done correctly, it absolutely adds value to your home, but another important thing to note is that it gives you a room to start from scratch with, and in the interests of revamping a house, that is very useful.


Outdoor Areas

Landscape gardening can transform your front and backyards into brand new, unrecognisable features of your long-term house. Adding an outdoor seating area, deck, or patio is one thing, but adding a gravel-surrounded fire pit and a hedge to add privacy brings on a whole new feeling to your yard, without the construction price tag attached.



You don’t need to be busting out the sledgehammer or paint can if permanent solutions aren’t really viable, you can just as easily rearrange your furniture to get a similarly revolutionary change over your household. Try swapping rooms with some furniture for an even more pronounced effect.



Finally, what your house may need is a little injection of fresh culture to give it that breath of life you’re seeking. Art can be hung on walls, placed on pedestals, or played through speakers, and a bit of all of that can do wonders for your house.

These are all wonderful ways to freshen your home up a bit, and doing more than one of them will have an even greater effect.


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