It’s summer again!

Warm weather makes us feel better and finally gives an opportunity to wear bright, light and colorful clothes. But summer heat and stuffiness of the city air are also here. Someone got used to such kind of weather, and someone suffers without a breath of fresh air. However, there is always a way to solve the problem. If you can’t avoid summer heat in your city and go to vacation, maybe, the climate control equipment can help you to spend this summer without suffering from an unbearable heat.


It’s been a long time since climate technologies have started rescuing office workers and housekeepers from heat and swelter. The first air conditioner appeared in 1902 and up to now it’s staying an important part of comfort creation in a modern house. The maintenance of necessary temperature, dust extraction, ionization, dehumidification and ventilation – modern air conditioners maintain all these functions. In our days air conditioner differs substantially from its first prototype, but the main is still the same – it’s created to share comfort and coziness.

Contemporary brown living room with air conditioner - rendering

Contemporary brown living room with air conditioner – rendering

Choosing «the helper»

There are lots of brands now at the USA market that represent its climate control equipment. That’s why it’s a serious mission to choose the right air conditioner.

It depends from your choice, how good and how long the equipment will work. Firstly, pay attention to the capacity of the air conditioner which is measured in BTU. Depending on the size and type of a space, the different capacity is required. For example, for the room in the house up to 20 square meters, the air conditioner with 9000 BTU (COOPER&HUNTER “ALICE” SERIES SPLIT SYSTEM GWH09KF-A3DNB4A ) would fit well. And for big industrial premises there is better to choose equipment with Inverter technology and 28000 BTU (COOPER&HUNTER “VICTORIA” SERIES SPLIT SYSTEM GWH30LB-D3DNA5E).

The construction type of air conditioner also varies.

  • Mini-split
  • Single zone
  • Multi-zone
  • Wall mount
  • Ceiling cassette
  • Floor Console
  • Monoblock
  • Window/Wall mount
  • PTAC
  • Central Air Conditioning (Duct system)
  • Portable


And each type of equipment has special features and functions. For example, Cassette type air conditioners are installed in suspended ceiling and distribute air flows in 4 different directions. The portable type of air conditioners provides refrigerating with maximum mobility.

The separate type of air conditioners is Inverter. It has increased energy efficiency level and saves up to 40% of electric power.

Comfortside shop is an official seller of C&H climate control equipment in the USA. Wide range of models gives an opportunity to choose the air conditioner which suits you and your apartment. Visit and be sure chosen appliances will serve you for years to come and will be indispensable helper in the creation of comfort.


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