Interstate Moving Checklist

Moving interstate is a big deal, and before you head off you want to ensure that you are fully prepared for your trip. There are so many things to organise in advance, and you don’t want to forget anything important.

One month before your move

This is when the planning process starts. If you are renting your current home, you will need to provide the required amount of notice to vacate the property. If you own your home, you need to work out if you are going to sell it or rent it out while you are gone. You also need to start contacting removalist companies to find the right one for you, and get quotes for pricing. It is also a good idea to purchase packing materials and start packing any basic items that you know you won’t need temporarily. If you are driving interstate, start to plan out the route you’re going to take and book any accommodation for along the way. If you plan on flying, book your flights and organise to have your car transported.

Interstate Moving Checklist

Two weeks before your move

At this point, you need to organise to reconnect your utilities at your new address, and set a date for them to be disconnected from your old residence. You may want to start organising new drivers licences and registration for any vehicles you own, as you only have a short window to complete this once you have relocated. Continue to pack any non-essential items, and make sure you keep all important documents on hand. If you need to, now is also a good time to hold a garage sale to get rid of any belongings that you no longer need.

One week before your move

Let any organisations and memberships know that your address will be changing. You will also want to organise your mail to be redirected through Australia Post to ensure that you don’t miss any important letters. You need to do any final packing this week, as well as emptying and defrosting any fridges or freezers. If you can, disassemble any furniture that is going to be transported, and store wheels and bolts in a secure location. Make sure everything is prepared and ready for moving day. If you are renting your home, organise to have the place professionally cleaned if necessary, and ensure you have filled out all required paperwork to end your lease.

On the moving day

Make sure you are up early and prepared for when the removalists arrive. If you are not at home, they will not be able to enter the house and start collecting your belongings. You will need to ensure you have a full inventory of any items that the removalists take, and the condition they were in before they were collected for insurance purposes. Once all your belongings have been packed up you will need to do a final sweep of the house to make sure that nothing has been forgotten or left behind.

With this handy guide, your next move interstate will be a whole lot easier.


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