Interior Design Ideas for the DIY Enthusiast

Who ever said redecorating your home had to be expensive? Actually, it could be a huge expense but with the right tools and a bit of creativity thrown into the mix you probably could get a whole new look, even on a limited budget! If you are looking to totally revamp your home and are handy with a set of tools, you could probably take some inexpensive pre-owned items and reclaim them as your own. Here are some interior design ideas for the home enthusiast.

Recycling Old Furniture


The first thing you will want to do is take a good, long look at your furniture. If it is still serviceable but not in keeping with the new direction your interior design is taking then perhaps you could simply do a DIY recycling project. Some wooden furniture can be resurfaced and finished with a different color stain while other furniture can simply be reupholstered. These are both things you could safely do on your own and by the time you are done, you would have something that looks totally different but at much, much less the cost of buying new furniture. This is why so many interior designers suggest always buying real hardwood as opposed to cheaper particle board alternatives whenever possible, especially when it comes to buying dressers.

Creating Your Own Masterpieces

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You can also put your talents to work for you when it comes to redesigning your home interior and actually create your own works of art. If you are handy with paints and charcoals you could draw/paint your own works of art. Or perhaps you are a crafter who enjoys knitting, sewing, needlepoint or woodworking? No matter what you do as a hobby, you really can turn it into a work of art for your new décor. Going Native American? Why not learn how to do some authentic arts and crafts such as viewing a tutorial on making a dream catcher. In fact, this is an extremely trendy style and one that can be accomplished with a minimum amount of expense.

Use of Color is Essential


One thing you will learn along the way is that the quickest way to give your home a new look is to change as many colors as possible. For example, to go along with the dream catcher and Native American theme you are looking to create you could redo your home in warm, earthy tones with a smidgeon of reds, greens, blues and yellow. These are all traditional tribal colors and those would be how you would choose your fabrics to complement your new color scheme. Simply take a swatch of paint with you to the fabric shop to choose fabrics that blend well with your new colors.

So then, with just a few tools and some creativity you can do a DIY renovation or remodeling of your home, even on a limited budget. If you have the funds to hire an interior designer, then perhaps this is the route you want to take. However, if you are looking for an ‘effect’ but want to save money in the end, DIY is the way to go.


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