An Integral Feature? Art in the Workplace and its Effect on Staff

The importance of artwork in the workplace cannot be understated – a sentiment that is echoes by companies such as Interactive Space, a professional services company, which helps businesses relocate and reorganise their offices. Interactive Space has hosted entire seminars on this very topic. From sophisticated framed photographs with professional evocations to trendy and colourful murals that illustrate the fun side of a company, the range of artistic possibilities is endless and varied, yet the benefits are innumerable and similar.

The Benefits of a Colourful Office Interior


Little research has been conducted on the subject of art in the workplace, as the subjective nature of the debate means that the issue is contentious. Nevertheless, it is increasingly suggested that employers and office managers are failing to reap the rewards of a more productive workforce by neglecting the interior design of their office. Studies indicate that the décor of the office can bear direct implications on employees’ drive, mood, creativity, job satisfaction and productivity.

The Studies and Statistics


An article produced by Forbes highlights the stats: employees that have the liberty to choose the design of their office space are 32% more productive; workers working in art- or plant-filled spaces are, on average, 17% more productive; and 92% of women and 71% of males in the 2,000-subject survey conducted by Exeter University agreed that their wellbeing improved with an art-filled workplace.



Why exactly is there a correlation between art in the workplace and productivity? Well, subjects of the study reported that their stress reduced when working in an art-filled office. Also, a creative mind is a happier mind and employees maintained an appreciation of diversity in a well-decorated environment. Employees enjoyed having an input in the design of their working space, and felt more satisfied as a result of their creations.


The results are fairly conclusive: consider your workplace strategy and communicate with employees, or improve the chance of employee dissatisfaction. Hang some paintings, commission a mural or install a sculpture; however you decide to bring your office space to life, use artwork to improve your employees’ productivity and happiness.


Author: Maja Markovski


A 35-year-old female architect with a passion for innovative, sustainable design. I blend creativity and functionality to transform spaces into beautiful, practical environments.


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