Improve Your Kitchen With More Efficient Storage

Improve Your Kitchen With More Efficient Storage
A lot of time is spent in the kitchen prepping delicious treats and fabulous meals, so it’s important that the space is organized as efficiently as possible and that it has all the storage you need. Here are a few handy tips to help you design cabinet and drawer layouts that work with you and help you efficiently use the space you create.

Think About How You Use Your Kitchen

Designers stress the importance of thinking carefully about how you will actually use the space when you begin to think about designing your kitchen storage. Architect Hiromi Ogawa asks her clients to think about what they may need close at hand when envisioning themselves at different places around the kitchen. Understanding what needs to be nearby could help you determine some starting points as you plan your storage.
Placement and size of cabinets and drawers will also be limited by the sizes and locations of the appliances you plan to install. This is another reason it’s important to know how you will use your kitchen. The appliances you put in place and their relative positions will be decided by the amount, type, and complexity of your culinary activities. Storage will have to be worked in around the appliances you choose. The surrounding space should be used as completely and efficiently as possible, wasting no opportunities for clever placement of the things you use. Some ideas include the following:
  • Storage by the sink for frequently used items
  • Drawers close to the dishwasher and sink for cutlery
  • Spice storage near the range
  • Adding deep, wide drawers under counters and at lower levels if space allows
  • Dividers and inserts to keep cabinets and drawers organized
  • Using extra space for odd-sized objects such as wine bottles, baking sheets, and cookbooks

Customize for Added Efficiency

Once you have the broad strokes outlined, it’s a good idea to look at customizations that can add even more utility to your new kitchen storage. Today’s cabinets are available with plenty of add-ons and purpose-built organization options to help you ensure maximum usability. Some custom additions worth considering include:
  • Shelving that pulls out to make reaching objects in the back easier
  • Cubes and separators to organize foods, spices, cleaning supplies, and pots and pans
  • Containers for storage of small objects
  • Organizers and baskets made from wire to promote airflow
  • Shelves that attach to or hang over doors to use all available space
  • Height-adjustable shelving for flexibility

Transform Your Ideas Into Reality

When you have developed some basic ideas for how you want to organize your kitchen’s storage, you can further develop them by consulting with a professional who could help you choose the right kitchen cabinets for your space. His or her expertise could help you determine what would actually work in your kitchen and how to modify options to help you achieve your design vision.
Efficient storage is pretty important to a tranquil, streamlined kitchen that supports your gastronomic artistry without wracking your nerves. Taking the time to think about how you use your space and planning around it is an important first step. A solid mental blueprint combined with the knowhow of a cabinet professional could really get things cooking in your kitchen.

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