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How To Tame Blue In the Bathroom?

For a relaxing break, adopt blue in the bathroom. Dark blue, navy blue, pastel blue, turquoise blue, and blue is the shade that inevitably evokes water and freshness. This is probably why blue is the most suitable colour for the bathroom. The proof with our file.

Evoking the natural elements, blue is a colour particularly suited to the bathroom. Depending on its intensity, this colour suggests multiple sensations: dynamism, freshness, purity, well-being… But be careful, not too much is needed. A bathroom with a total blue look can be oppressive. It is, therefore, preferable to opt for touches of blue, which, combined with other colours and light, will create decorative contrasts and enhance your bathroom. These touches of colour can be provided by a blue-tiled floor, blue bathroom furniture, a blue earthenware wall… Because it comes in a wide range of colours, blue is an extraordinary colour that adapts to all atmospheres, from the most classic to the most baroque, including modern, ultra-design, exotic Moroccan bathrooms or seaside styles.

How to use blue in the bathroom?

First of all, you have to ask yourself whether you want a completely blue bathroom or a bathroom with touches of blue. In the first case, the entirely blue bathroom, the good idea lies in the choice of materials to sublimate this colour. If the blue bathroom is dressed in a very light blue, we think of depositing this colour on the walls to illuminate it with white tiles. If the blue bathroom is dressed in a stronger and more intense blue, we do not hesitate to spread the colour from floor to ceiling, taking care to structure the whole with a base. Finally, if you prefer blue, which takes place sparingly, opt for an all-white bathroom enhanced with navy blue. This takes shape using bathroom linen (towels and bath mat). We like the pastel blue in touches when it goes with a pearl grey to create an old bathroom full of elegance.

We made a bathroom collection that incorporates the blue colour and we find it amazing what the right colour can do to a room:










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