How Stainless Steel Water Features can Complement your Space Age Garden?

Water features have been synonymous with wealth and lavish decoration for hundreds of years – first used in fact by the Romans and Greeks to demonstrate purity, wealth and prosperity.

Nowadays, water features come in all shapes, sizes and styles and are a popular modern addition to many a garden. The great thing about this increased diversity and choice is that there are different models to suit every type of garden – from the country kitchen garden to the slick, modern space-age. If you are considering or already have a garden that fits the latter description, then a modern stainless steelcan really enhance the look of your garden and complete the theme perfectly.

Choosing something special

There are so many different types of water feature – and each traditional style does tend to have a modernised counterpart. Where a traditional waterfall may have been comprised of natural-looking stone, perhaps enhanced with moss and rockery plants, a stainless-steel version would incorporate stark straight metal trays in a structured cascade which would perhaps end in a square basin. The classic cascade with moving receptacles which fill with water before tipping their load into the next container have been revolutionised with strong, cutting lines within the structure and interesting geometric design. Steel ‘optical illusion’ ball water features are also very popular and very effective – they take different forms and come in lots of sizes for maximum versatility. Other ‘trick of the eye’ styles, like the stainless steel block swathed with running water are also a sophisticated and understated choice. These can also be enhanced with cleverly placed lighting and some even come with their own lighting built in.


Space Age Water features

Some stainless steel water features could come straight from the international space station, with their mesmerising metallic surfaces, symmetrical simplicity and basic linear structure. The mirrored surface of stainless steel perfectly complements the straight lines and contrasting colours and materials of a space age garden. Decorative coloured grasses and other popular plants often seen in modern designs such as succulents, cacti and bamboo offer a whimsical softness – the yin to your outdoor decoration yang. What’s more, these features reflect the space around them in a warped, alien manner which further adds to that ‘out of this world’ look and feel. Like all water features, they still combine the natural softness of water with hard, often man-made materials, a fusion of nature and serenity with harsh urban minimalism. Available in all sorts of colours, but predominantly in grey, white and black, they are very easily incorporated into your design, whatever your preferences and however ‘space age’ you would like to go with your look.

If you’re looking to give your space age garden that extra ‘je ne sais quoi’ and a modern sophistication, then a stainless steel water feature can really bring the whole look together whilst also being a pleasant, attractive addition to your outdoor space. 1070643


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