Helpful Tips How to Change Your Mood with Colors

The colors are all around us, and their impact on our lives is often big. Affect our mood and subconscious, so the arrangement of living space except for their consistency and our tastes, needs to take into account the feelings that we want them to motives. If you want to change the look of your home and think about changes that are not very expensive, the simplest solution is to change the color of the walls, the headset fabric, decorative details such as curtains, carpets and cushions.

Studies have shown that our environment and especially the color, many affect our mood. The color is the first thing we notice when we come across something new. Human reaction to them is subjective, so there is no universally attractive or repulsive color, but small changes in hue of the color can stimulate or dampen some of our emotions.

Many colors offer a sense of comfort. Dark colors, unlike the intense shades of blue and purple pastel, create a feeling of comfort. The dark shades should not be used in small rooms because creating a sense of claustrophobia. Darker shades of green also are creating a sense of comfort. Also and dark yellowish color of butter are into this group. They are creating wonderful and peaceful atmosphere where everyone wants to stay.

The pure green, and green color of cinnamon have refreshing effect and is often used for bathrooms, although not a bad choice for the living room. It is always better to choose light shades than darker, because will achieved entirely different effect. The intense orange color also acts refreshing as lemon yellow color, but its lighter shades will act mesmerizing.

If you want to achieve a sense of calm, with soft earth tones will never be wrong. The feeling of calm is achieved using a pastel-blue shades, with pastel colors of lavender and purple with pastel colors and these colors are often used in mental health because of its calming effect. Pale earth tones shades that are bordering with pink meat color and dark shades of golden color also creates a sense of calm.


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