Functional but Beautiful

When you are building or redecorating your home, there is so a lot to think about and often you are juggling seemingly conflicting priorities. You want to make sure that you are creating something that is both modern but timeless, you want to make sure that your home is both visually stunning but also comfortable to live in, and perhaps the hardest one is that you are looking to create something that is beautiful but also functional. There is no point fitting your home out with expensive taps that look great but are tricky to turn on. There is no point buying a stylish kettle that spills hot water everywhere. Who wants a bed that looks like it belongs in a magazine but is uncomfortable to sleep on? No one. In this article we take a look at some of the key parts of your home where you need to prioritise functionality, but we also offer some suggestions to avoid compromising on beauty.

The driveway

You can spend a fortune on your driveway – even if it is only a fairly short stretch between the street and where you park your car. There is no point have a driveway that looks beautiful if the storm water doesn’t drain away properly, or if it’s badly lit, or if it warps and buckles over time. A good compromise to make in terms of Function v Beauty is to opt for an asphalt driveway – a relatively inexpensive material that is incredibly versatile and long lasting. You can now get coloured asphalt that suits your decor and with some simple edging and lighting accents you can create a driveway that is not only functional but adds real value to your home.

The garage

Garage doors are not an optional extra for your home – they are essential to help weather proof your property and help keep it secure. Garage doors need to work, you need to be able to open them without getting out of the car – no one wants to be wrestling with the garage door if it’s dark or raining. We really like the garage doors from Teckentrup – they have a huge range of sectional or up-an-over garage doors, but it’s the variety of colours, the surface variants and glazing options that enable you to create a unique design statement with your garage door while still getting all the solidity and functionality that you need for your home.steel-sectional-garage-doors-55571-2219815

Double glazing

Your home needs windows and it needs windows that let in light and fresh air. You also need to ensure that your windows are insulated against the extremes of weather that your home is bound to experience from time to time. In recent years there have been some great design advances in relation to the glazing of windows – make sure you investigate thoroughly the type of glass that will best suit your home, the type of window frames that best fit with your decor, and the window furnishings that let in maximum light and also work cohesively with the rest of your interior design.

Functional and beautiful. Two words that should help you make the right design decisions for your home.

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