Essential Man-Made Materials for Your Home

Today’s man-made materials lead the market in terms of durability, usability, and affordability. These synthetic materials have shown that they’re some of the best materials ever made for common, everyday household use.

Let’s face it, pets and children really do some damage to household fabrics. Whether it’s upholstery for your armchair or the slipcovers for your outdoor furniture, man-made materials are the solution to a lot of modern day fabric problems. Read on to learn more about what man-made materials provided by your local upholstery suppliers, can do for you.


Since its invention in the early years of WWII, polyester has become one of the most popular and most utilised of all the manufactured materials. Material that is 100% polyester is used for outdoor fabrics because of its ability to withstand moisture and dampness. When it’s blended with other materials, such as cotton or other synthetic fibres, the blended material resists wrinkles as well as retaining its colour and shape. For this reason, a polyester blend is often used for drapery material because it does not easily fade in the sun.



Vinyl is one of the most versatile of all the man-made materials. From outdoor upholstery to faux leather, vinyl has retained its reputation as the go-to material for durability and usability. Vinyl repels liquids easily, which means it also prevents stains from forming. Because of this, vinyl is a favourite for tablecloths and dining room furniture upholstery.



Nylon has been used in so many types of materials that it’s easy to forget that it was originally invented as an alternative to silk. Of all the synthetic materials, nylon is very adaptable to the dyeing process, picking up and retaining colour easily. Nylon dries very quickly so it is a favourite for outdoor upholstery.

This polymer-based material has extremely flexible fibres which makes it one of the most frequently used synthetics that are blended with natural fibres. Because of their extreme versatility nylon blends are used for indoor upholstery as well as drapery material.

Best Kitchen Interior Design

Best Kitchen Interior Design


This innovative synthetic is one of the most amazing fabrics to be invented in the last few decades. Not only does it have durability of vinyl, it also has the softness and pliability of velvet. Crypton is most well-known for its ability to resist staining by all sorts of substances. Even the most stubborn stains like mustard, wine, and crayon can be removed from Crypton with soap and water.

Crypton’s other properties make it stand out above the crowd of man-made materials. In addition to being stain resistant, it is also resistant to mildew, moisture and bacteria. That resistance to bacteria means that it is also resistant to odour. This remarkable fabric has one other outstanding feature; because Crypton is GreenGuard certified, it’s safe for use in nurseries, as well other family situations.

The durability, softness and suppleness of Crypton makes it one of the most popular synthetic materials for upholstery. Crypton can withstand the onslaught of abrasion of dog and cat nails, as well as the constant wear and tear from children playing.

From a beautiful sage colour to the lightest beige, delicate colours can be used in even the most high traffic environments of a household. Crypton’s stain resistance make it one of the most versatile of all the synthetic materials.


Utilise Man-Made Materials

Man-made materials have a lot to offer and can be used in many different ways. Their inherent ability for resisting wear, stains, odors and bacteria brings so many improvements that it’s hard to imagine our homes without them. Be sure to consider man-made materials in your next design project and reap the rewards of using these magnificent and truly versatile materials.


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