Driveway Paving Material that is Best for Your House

It is common knowledge that driveways add value to a home, since they are providing people with an extra space to park their car. In addition to that, it also enhances the beauty of your house and increases its resale value. Whether you want to pave for the purpose of landscaping or for functional use, the first step is to narrow down the material you would like to choose.

Below mentioned are materials most people opt for when installing driveways for their home.

Concrete Driveways

These are long lasting and easy to preserve. They consist of cement, sand, and gravel, and are comparatively expensive than asphalt. For cemented driveways, a proper framework is made on leveled flooring, and then the framework is filled with concrete through a heavy cement mixer. It is left to dry for three days to obtain the desired result. However, some also suggest leaving it for a week for stronger support.

To achieve a distinct appearance, it’s possible to incorporate texture into the concrete prior to drying. Finally, a sealant from Asphalt Industrial is added as a final step to complete the finish. It is important to make sure that the soil present outside your house is compatible with the cement, otherwise all your money will be wasted. Your drainage system should also be properly maintained to make the concrete work for you.


Bricks and Paving Stones

Bricks and paving stones are popular elements used as driveway building material, which will boost the ambience of your outdoors. Genuine bricks are similar to concrete imitations when it comes to durability. However, their prices are higher and they require daily maintenance. It is also recommended not to use bricks, if you reside in the region where there is a lot of snowfall, as it is difficult to clean it up.

On the other hand, paving stones are great when it comes to designing and adding different shapes. They are also difficult to distinguish them from costly riverstone and cobblestone, so you can use these instead if your budget is small.


If you are looking for an economical product, asphalt is the one for you. Asphalt and tarmac are dark because of their ingredients, such as the crude oil present in them. To make the driveway look even better, people use the mixture of polymer dye and asphalt. The durability of asphalt is around 15 years. However, it does require the application of a sealant after every 2 – 4 years. Furthermore, fixing of the cracks and maintenance is essential for a long-lasting result. It is also necessary to take professional help when installing asphalt because it requires special machinery.

There are a lot more materials used in driveway making, as well. So you need to think ratio
nally before choosing the material. You cannot go over your budget and end up with numerous bills you can’t pay, nor can you make a cheap investment which will not be long lasting. So consider all the aspects and then make the choice!


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