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One of America’s most famous interior designers, Albert Hadley, once said that design is defined by light and shade, and that appropriate lighting is enormously important. Excellent lighting will help to set the mood and transform any room into a cozy and inviting space. Store-bought lighting can be costly, but luckily there are several DIY design lighting projects that will beautifully illuminate living spaces without costing the earth. From cute tin tea light holders to marvelous mason jar lights, we reveal three affordable and ingenious ways to light up your home.

DIY Pendant Basket Lampshade

A basket lampshade provides a stylish way to add some extra detail to any room while also preventing the harsh glare of light bulbs. For the best results, use a woven curved wicker basket which has small holes in it to let the light out, some non-flammable spray paint in the color of your choosing, and a lighting cord.

To create your own basket lampshade you will need to protect your work space with some newspaper. Place the basket upside down on the newspaper and then coat it with the spray paint, making sure that you follow the instructions on the can. Allow the paint to fully dry before attaching it upside down onΒ the special lighting cord. Why not try using bright-colored spray paint for a splash of color? Or you can choose to spray the basket black for a classic yet understated look that will still cast lovely light shadows on the walls.

Mason Jar Lighting


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Mason jars are everywhere these days; we use them for containing juices and smoothies and organizing household knickknacks –we evem use themΒ as a pretty way to store bath products. However, did you know you can also use mason jars as a clever lighting tool?

A smart electric-less craft project involves filling the mason jar with about an inch of pebbles and then placing a lit votive candle inside of the jar. The candle will give off a lovely warm glow that makes it ideal for use in the garden or for when you want some ambient lighting inside of the home.

For permanent light fittings, you can coil some pretty Christmas lights inside of the mason jar and then place the jar flat on a table or suspend it from the ceiling using metal chains. is the best place to shop for inexpensive high quality Christmas lights. Creative types can use heat-resistant paint, ribbon, and embellishments to decorate the jars and create something unique that will complement the decor of the room. Check out Pinterest for some beautiful mason jar lighting ideas that you can recreate at home.

Tin Can Lanterns

Using just a few simple items found in the home, you can transform a tin can into a gorgeous eco-friendly lantern that looks light it is from a designer lighting store. Perfect for using as a clever way to light outdoor dinner parties or to create a festive feel in the home, these tin can lights will cost just a few dollars to make.

You will need a tin can, hammer, an assortment of different sized nails, votive candles, and a towel. Pop the empty tin can into the dishwasher to make sure that all traces of its contents have been removed. Fill the tin can with water and place the clean tin can in the freezer overnight. This step is important because it prevents the can from bending when you later punch holes into it. Cradle the frozen tin within the rolled up towel to prevent it from slipping. Gently hammer the nails into the tin to create small holes that allow the light to shine through. Place the lit candle into the tin and presto! Your beautiful and eco-friendly tin can tea light is complete.

Each of the above lighting products also has a lot of scope for customization. Jazz up your DIY lights with spray paint, embellishments, lace, and yarn for something special that reflects your personal style. Happy crafting!


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