DIY Garden Design – Bring Your Vision to Life One Step at a Time

Of all the renovations that homeowners dream o, creating a lovely garden space is usually towards the top of the list. Some have an exact vision for what they would like and how they would like it to be laid out. They can actually draw a rough plan for how they would like their garden laid out, although they need help to actually lay out a formal design.

However, most of us dream about something beautiful with lots of colour and foliage and perhaps a pool, but have no idea how to design or draw up the plans for this. In this case you will need to call an architect or designer. While you want to do the work yourself, designing it and planning it out, step by step, is beyond your capabilities.


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Getting Help Where You Need It

Many of the design elements you can actually draw out yourself by hand, but the more intricate they get and the larger the garden, the harder it will be to keep everything to scale and to remember exactly where it goes. This is where a professional comes in. Using CAD/CAM software an architect can very quickly produce a design for your garden which is exactly to scale and can be shared very easily with landscapers and any other professionals you want to involve. While AutoCAD and other software can be used to design large building it can also be very useful for smaller designs.

At this point you wouldn’t be obliged to take the design forward. It would provide you with food for thought. You will obviously need to pay the architect or designer but have no further obligation.

It is worth noting that for relatively straightforward jobs, like a garden, an amateur can master AutoCAD relatively quickly. AutoCAD is now available on a monthly licence bringing it within the reach of amateurs. A useful place to start is this AutoCAD tutorial on designing a house as it covers almost all of the elements that you will need to learn to design a garden.

Choosing Elements You Must Have

Put first things first. The most important thing is to get the design right. Cost is always an issue and so if you can’t afford to do all of your garden in one go then start work on the elements that you must have. It is remembering that it is usually worth starting with the focal points as that is where the eyes are drawn to and so they generally provide the most ‘bang for your buck. Then, provided that you have the design completed you can progress to work on other elements of you garden when you can afford them.

The focal points are also usually the elements you had always dreamed of like that spectacular garden building completely powered by solar with an overhang on the front for a picnic area. Your fountain coloured with submerged LED lights and the gazebo covered with climbing roses. The landscaping can be done bit by bit, but those ‘must have’ structures are what you can’t wait for another day.

You can create your dream garden and bring this vision to life. It only takes an architect and a set of DIY plans that you can easily follow. The right architect will be able to draw the plans so that it doesn’t take a professional builder to read and understand them and in the end you will have a garden designed like the one that has been living in the back of your mind forever.


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