How to Decorate the Home with Club Chairs

How to Decorate the Home with Club ChairsFurniture plays a huge role in making a house livable. The type of furniture chosen to furnish a house says a lot about the style and taste of the people living in it. For this reason, it’s important to choose the right kinds of furniture pieces when decorating. While there are many factors to consider when selecting the right kind of furniture, everything starts with choosing the furniture pieces to include.

Club chairs are classical pieces that have been given the modern treatment over the years. Popular for the comfort that they provide, they make for a good addition to any room.

It’s important to take note of a few key factors when decorating a home with club chairs:

 1. Style of the room

Club chairs can be made to fit into almost any kind of room. However, the style of the room (as well as the chair, for that matter) should be taken into account when deciding on adding a new piece of furniture.

This is particularly important when the club chair in question is of a more traditional design, with rounded high backs and little details along its curved lines. While one can certainly get away with incorporating such a design into a modern-styled room, there’s high chance that it will look and feel out of place.

How to Decorate the Home with Club Chairs

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Ideally, club chairs with simple straight lines and sharp corners can enhance a room that’s styled in a modern fashion; while grand-looking club chairs with a more traditional feel complements a more formal style room.

 2. Club chair design

Club chairs have come a long way from their initial conceptualization and creation. The first club chairs had high backs, lowered seating, and were covered with sheepskin leather. They might have even had more details than what one would normally see in modern club chairs.

The modern version of this French furniture classic comes in a variety of styles that range from simplistic and clean lines with minimal details, to more traditional looking ones with a twist ( such as in the case of swivel chairs and reclining club chairs).

How to Decorate the Home with Club Chairs

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The design of the furniture should be taken into account when deciding on which room best fits the piece, as it can either bring elegance to an otherwise plain room or look out of place.

 3. Textures and colors

Once the club chair has been deemed appropriate to fit a certain room in the house or office, the next consideration would be the texture. Would it match the ones used to decorate the room?

Club chairs are usually covered with leather, and while that can work with various types of textures, it may not work well in a minimalistic room with only a few solid pieces of furniture in it.

The color of the chair is also very important, especially if the decoration of the room follows a color scheme. A club chair with a distinct texture and color may stick out like a sore thumb in an otherwise fluidly decorated room.

 4. Arrangement

How to Decorate the Home with Club Chairs

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Arrangement of furniture is vital in home decorating. When adding a club chair to the mix, both functionality and comfort should be considered along with its overall effect. A bare corner can be turned into a cozy breakfast nook by adding a club chair and a small corner table to it.

In the end, wherever it is placed, the club chair is often effective in providing both functionality and comfort. This timeless furniture piece can transform an otherwise strictly-functional room into one that mixes old-world elegance and modern convenience.

About the author: Angie Cole is a full-time blogger with keen interest in interior design. She contributes to Leather Club Chairs, a premier source of leather club chairs online since 1992.


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