How to create a Seamless Connection with Interior and Exterior Spaces

Summer is fast approaching and if you are looking to merge your exterior and interior spaces then there are lots of options for you to explore. Often people think that one of the best ways to achieve a seamless connection is through something radical like a brick extension, which will instantly bring your home closer to your garden. We’re going to have a look at several ways to create a visually enhancing fusion of your garden and home, without having to compromise the architecture of your home.

How to create a Seamless Connection with Interior and Exterior Spaces


You can pull your two spaces together by selecting the same or similar flooring, running through from your home into your garden. This is a visual trick that allows a cohesion of colour, texture and material, which will instantly show a duality of garden and home. Having the same colours will immediately merge the spaces and make them look bigger. Keeping your flooring inside and outside at the same level will also add to this effect and be more convenient too.

How to create a Seamless Connection with Interior and Exterior Spaces


bi-fold door system from Quickslide is a great way to reduce and break down barriers between interior and exterior spaces? A sliding door allows you to open up the view into your garden and expand the amount of exterior space visible from the inside, integrating them both seamlessly. The key to increased visibility is through glass and large amounts of transparent material will serve as a constant reminder of the closeness of your garden space.

You can easily open your door system and create a fluid interior and exterior arrangement, with each space flowing into the other. Having a Quickslide door system is a much simpler and easier way to renovate the rear of your house without taking on a large-scale extension project. The more desired fusion between exterior and interior spaces, the less framing you should have on your doors to maximise the glass and enhance the view into your garden space.

How to create a Seamless Connection with Interior and Exterior Spaces


Placing plants inside your interior space will create an instant link to your garden. Big, statement plant pots will make your interior more like a conservatory and will encourage people to create a connection between your garden and interior space. If you do not want to have plants inside then you can use natural, green colours for your curtains or blinds to show continuity between house and garden.

How to create a Seamless Connection with Interior and Exterior Spaces


Choosing furniture for your garden that would not look out of place inside your home is a good tip for merging your exterior and interior space. Using similar colours and materials will connect the two spaces. Garden furniture is increasingly popular, with benches, tables and seating areas all proving to be practical and attractive additions to an outdoor space and mirroring this with your furniture inside is a good tip. You can also choose furniture inside which complements the colour of your plants outside for continuity. Choosing similar lighting is also a way of merging your spaces together in the evening time.

Keeping your interior space free of clutter is important so that it does not obstruct your view of the exterior space. You can also keep your curtain or blinds simple and minimalistic so that they do not distract attention.


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