Big Family-Large Bathrooms: This Is How It Works!

Anyone with a large family will be all too familiar with the morning and evening queue for the bathroom. And as much as everybody would love an en-suite bathroom for each bedroom, the reality is that, like most families, there is one master bathroom and one en-suite. Having said that, if you put some thought into the design and placing efficiently of bathroom utensils, having just one master bathroom can work well for a large family.

Where To Place The Toilet

The toilet is the most utilised element of any bathroom but should not be the focal point. If possible, the toilet should be placed behind an entry door or half wall. For various reasons this might not be possible, subsequently, consider a wall-mounted toilet. This type of toilet fits snugly against the wall and the plumbing is hidden. Additionally, as there is no pedestal the floor space creates the illusion of space. If you have a limited budget, then moving the toilet from its present position could drive up the costs due to re-plumbing. If, however, you do decide to move the toilet, consider the position carefully in relation to shower or entry doors and also windows. If, on the contrary, you count with plenty of space, you could opt for a toilet room within the badroom. Some people might think about a toilet room as an absurd solution, but the truth is, that for big families it makes perfectly sense and will open the posibility for two or more people to use the bathroom simultaneosly.

Placing The Basin

Placement of the basin should also be carefully considered and just as with the placement of the toilet, ensure that the basin does not prevent shower or entry doors from opening fully. Ideally, two basins work better for a family bathroom, however, if there simply isn’t enough space, consider fitting a large basin with two sets of taps. The perfect option for families with young children. As with a wall mounted toilet, a wall mounted basin will create the illusion of space, and the absence of a pedestal will allow for storage beneath.


Placement Of Bath Or Shower

A bath is a necessity for large families with children and therefore, having just a shower is probably not an option. A separate shower and bath is ideal if you have a young family and even with limited space, this can be achieved by selecting a shorter-than-standard bath which might permit room for a separate shower cubicle. If this is not the case, however, consider a free standing bath which is also double ended with a central fixture. Bathing two children at once can save heaps of time! In addition, a shower can be fixed above the bath if there isn’t the space for a separate shower cubicle.
By carefully considering the type of bathroom furniture you install and placing efficiently bathroom utensils, large families can manage surprisingly well with only one bathroom.


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