Beyond the Toilet and Tub: Design Ideas to Make You Never Want to Leave Your Bathroom Again

One of the smallest rooms in the house is often one of the most heaviest used, which is why it makes perfect sense to look beyond the functionality of the toilet and the tub, and create a bathroom design that makes you want to stay in there for much longer.

Visiting a site like Unique Vanities will no doubt give you some inspiration and fuel some ideas on how you can transform your bathroom into something much more inviting. There are also a number of other ideas and ways to make your bathroom way more inviting than it might be at the moment.


A small space doesn’t have to restrict your design ambitions

You might think that having a small space to work with like a bathroom, could easily inhibit your creativity and force you to make too many compromises with functionality winning the argument over fashionable flair.

If you get creative with your ideas and use a few tips and tricks along the way, such as creating plenty of storage solutions to hide the clutter, there is absolutely no reason why you can’t create a bathroom design that looks and feels amazing.

Storage is paramount

If there is one sure way to accentuate how small your bathroom is, it is when you have too much clutter around on show, making your bathroom look messy and unappealing to the eye.

One of the best design elements to focus your attention on is to create as much storage space available within the limitations of your size of bathroom. Normally, fitting a vanity unit with extra storage for all your accessories, will make a big difference and keep the clutter to a bare minimum.

In addition to a vanity unit, think about adding some extra storage for things like towels, by fitting some floating shelves, which tick all the boxes in terms of being fashionable as well as highly functional.

Take a good look around at the wall and floor space that you have available in your bathroom, then work out a design that allows you the space you need to move around, but also the storage options you need to ensure the focus is on your bathroom design when you come in the room, and not the clutter.


Stick to functional design elements

One of the most important rules to stick to when trying to design your bathroom, is to keep functionality as a big priority.

There is no reason why you can’t combine functionality with style if you choose the right options for the space that you have to work with, but because you are often working with only a limited amount of area in a bathroom, every bit of furniture or accessory that you put in there probably needs to offer a functional solution.

This can mean anything from putting a hamper in the room that looks great, but also manages to store a large amount of towels, to using some attractive glass jars on the shelves, that also offer a good hiding place for your cotton balls.

Think about what you need in your bathroom and what you use on a regular basis, then work out what you can use to store those items, whilst also achieving a stylish design.

Adding a contemporary touch

You might want to consider adding some contemporary touches to your bathroom, so that it has a modern feel and look to it.

The thinking behind adding a contemporary twist or having a complete makeover in this way, is to find the right way to mix some neutral colors alongside some nice bold colors. It is about achieving some contrasts that work for you and make you feel like you want to spend time in your bathroom. It can be someting as simple and easy to replace as a modern toilet seat or you can go for a complete overhaul of the bathroom surfaces.

Contemporary can often mean using a combination of blacks, grays and white, but it doesn’t have to be limited to just these options. It might be worth remembering that if you are going for a contemporary look on a tight budget, the use of gray would be a good option right now, as it is on trend and is easy to paint over if and when you change your mind about the color scheme.

You might also want to look at updating your shower and lighting fixtures, as these are two elements of your bathroom that can sometimes get overlooked, but stand out for all the wrong reasons, when everything else has had a makeover.

Julia Ritzenthaler is Founder & CEO of, a Texas based Ecommerce store that helps customers build the bathroom of their dreams. Julia founded the company in 2005 to complement her husband’s remodeling company. Julia graduated with an MBA specialized in Finance, and spent 10 years as a Financial Advisor with American Express before starting


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