The Beautiful Benefits of Shutters

If you’re into design and improving your home without a full-scale house move, then consider adding shutters. They are a stylish alternative window-dressing to curtains or blinds and offer many benefits as well.

Here’s what you need to know to choose the perfect shutters.


Fine materials

There are several options over material when choosing shutters; from a cost-effective solution using low-density-fibre board (LDF) through to a fine cedar wood which possesses a beautiful grain. Whichever material you like, you’re sure to find a design which suits your preferences and there’s also less chance of allergies as shutters are less prone to gather dust and other irritants.

Noise and privacy

If your house is located near a busy road or facing right onto the street then shutters can certainly help reduce external noise and prevent on-lookers from intruding on your privacy. Louvered or solid shutters are the best options as they create a barrier between your rooms and the outside – letting light in but keeping prying eyes out!


As well as offering style and practicality, shutters are also long-lasting to make them the ideal choice for the budget conscious. Shutters can match your colour scheme or furniture perfectly so you don’t have to worry about updating them to match the latest trend.

If you’ve got a penchant for the 1950s, are in love with all things modern or prefer a traditional Edwardian style, shutters can fit in seamlessly and survive the transition from style to style.


When we think of shutter design there are two styles which immediately spring to mind; the solid and the plantation style. The later have slats (or louvers) that rotate open and closed to regulate the light. They come in a choice in colours and styles too.

Solid shutters give a more continental feel and keep out more light as well as offering increased privacy. These are employed in older style properties and are perfect in a room with a pared-back design as they can become the central accent in the room.

Whichever design you find appealing, companies such as Purely Shutters offer a great range of styles so it’s important you take a look at everything they have to offer in order to find the perfect design and style for your home.

Added value

With a top of the range high quality finish, shutters can add value to your property as they offer an immediate point of interest and add quality for potential buyers. Happy hunting!


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