Banish the Bathroom Blues: Ways to Know When It’s Time to Replace Your Toilet


The smallest room in your home is one of the most frequently used and after a few years there is a good chance that your bathroom might be showing some signs of wear and tear.

Although most people don’t tend to think about updating their toilet until something bad happens like a crack or a leak, there are some good reasons to help banish the bathroom blues by replacing it with a new and improved model.

There is a diverse choice of toilets available and that is why a resource like toilet reviews can come in handy. So is it time to replace your toilet?

Your old and inefficient toilet

A toilet can last you for years and you may well have had yours in the bathroom for a decade or more, but even if there is nothing wrong with it there is a good argument for getting it replaced.

Older toilets are almost certainly going to be far less efficient in the amount of water it uses in comparison to the newer models now available.

You may well be surprised by the amount of water your old toilet is using for each flush and if you switch to a new and far more efficient toilet, you will notice the difference when you get your next water bill.

The law actually changed back in January 1994 to state that all residential toilets sold and in the U.S from that date, had to use a maximum of 1.6 gallons per flush. If your toilet is older than this, it would not be classed as fit for purpose if sold now and another thing, you are also missing out of dual-flush technology, which offers even greater efficiency.

Leaking toilet

A lot of leaks in toilets take a long time to be detected and that is often only when the leak causes your bathroom floor to be ruined.

Toilet leaks tend to start off small and because it is only a small amount of water escaping and creating moisture around the unit, it is often dismissed and not investigated until the problem gets worse.

Some leaks can be repaired but it is much more cost-effective to simply replace your toilet and the prospect of a leaking toilet should be enough of an incentive to persuade you to update your toilet before it causes some damage to your bathroom floor.

Better shape

Another point worth considering is the shape of your toilet bowl.

If you have a toilet with a round bowl, there is nothing wrong with that as such, but you might find that replacing it with a more elongated model would make your visits to the bathroom an altogether more comfortable experience.

You get more seating room with a more elongated bowl in comparison to a more rounded version and although it is perhaps not something you care to contemplate for too long, an elongated bowl shape is more efficient in preventing odors to escape. It is also easier to keep clean, so definitely consider a better shape toilet for a more acceptable bathroom experience.

Unsteady toilet

A wobbly toilet is always a bit of a worry and it could be down to several reasons.

If your toilet rocks or wobbles every time you sit on it, this is not the normal behavior of a toilet and you should investigate why it is so unsteady every time you sit down on it.

It could be a straightforward case of tightening up the fixing bolts so that the seat is more secure and you don’t feel insecure every time you sit down or it could be something a bit more serious.

If you check the fixings and they are perfectly secure, it is possible that the floor underneath the toilet has become rotten or damaged, which is a professional repair job that needs to be tackled with some urgency.

Regular repairs

If you find that your toilet is needing regular repairs, you should take the hint that it is probably time to get yourself a new model.

The cost of regular repairs, however small, can soon add up and when you consider the cost of most new models and the savings you can make on improved water-efficiency for example, as well as the comfort factor, it is well worth thinking about a new toilet.

Give yourself and your bathroom a treat and enjoy the experience of a new toilet to banish the bathroom blues.

Freya Donnelly has worked at a large home wares store most of her working life. In her spare time she enjoys interior design and writes decor and home improvement articles for various blogs.


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