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The Bauhaus movement began in 1919 when the German Architect Walter Gropius formed a school with a new and exciting approach to modern art. Gropius’ vision incorporated industry with art and craft to create a new style sparked by the aftermath of World War One. The world was now in the era of the machine; technology had advanced at a rapid rate over the past few years and left the modern world reeling in its wake. Architecture was foregrounded as a worthy pursuit whereas traditional artistic pursuits such as painting and drawing were viewed less highly. Gropius and his contemporaries asserted that both trades were equally important and could be combined to revolutionise the design world and educate about the horrors of war. Characteristics of Bauhaus style included simplicity of colour and shape, repetitive patterns and symmetry.


One of the most notable members of the Bauhaus movement was Florence Knoll who was famed for her elegant and clean modernist designs. As a multi-talented designer Knoll’s work included textiles, interior design, space planning, furniture design and architecture. A selection of Knoll’s furniture designs can be found here. When speaking of the design process Knoll claimed ‘I thought of these designs as architectural pieces’ and this is clearly shown through the symmetrical angles of her work. Knoll’s designs are definite talking points and would make a great centre focus for any room renovation.


Far from being the preserve of the early 20th century, Bauhaus style has arguably never been more popular, and evidence of its influence can be found in interior styling worldwide. If you’re looking to renovate your home then the clean lines of Bauhaus design are always a stylish bet, and if you’re struggling to find the perfect furniture to bring your newly decorated space together, it’s worth considering buying it as a set. Package furniture saves the trouble of trying to match your furniture together from different sources (which, when trying to match geometric patterns in bold colours, can be a nightmare) and with the included delivery, assembly and installation, you can put your feet up and watch your home transform around you. From Bauhaus to vintage chic, there are a range of different ranges available on the market to suit anyone. For a range of Bauhaus design inspirations, have a look at 99 Design.



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