The Art of the Perfect Poolscape

Having a pool in your backyard doesn’t immediately improve your property. It’s better to have no pool at all than it is to have a nasty, unkempt poolscape. With that being said, let’s investigate some of the top design techniques and best practices to give you an idea of specific ways in which you can improve your backyard. 


Blending Hardscape and Landscape 

If you aren’t careful, a swimming pool can disrupt the flow of your landscaping. You’re suddenly throwing a concrete pit into the middle of your lawn and you can’t expect everything to naturally fit together on its own.

“It is all about the aesthetic value of space and the environment,” exterior designer Mike Nantz says. “When you are dealing with Mother Nature and the natural topography, it is very important to blend the pool into its surroundings so that it seems to disappear within them.”

They key to doing this is choosing colors, shapes, and materials that coexist with the natural surroundings. You never want there to be a sharp divide between hardscape and landscape. They should naturally feed into each other.


Incorporating Lighting 

Good lighting can really make or break a pool’s appearance. “There are different wattage and color of lights for every budget, which create different mood settings in a pool design and bring a totally different look at night from what is seen in the daytime,” landscape designer Kelly Caviness says. These include LED lights, which are bright and work well for highlighting various plant features, and incandescent lights, which are soft and look good on hardscapes.

As far as lighting in the actual pool itself, wattage, color, and placement all work together to create specific looks. Automated systems can be installed to place lights on timers and dimmers as well, which allows for simple transitions from daytime to nighttime.

The Jesolo Lido Pool Villa by JM Architecture in Italy (13)

Installing Safeguards 

It’s so very important that you keep your pool clean and safe at all times. The issue is that most safety features are obnoxious and look out of place. The key is to find safeguards that protect your pool and family without compromising the aesthetics of the poolscape. 

One of the best options is an automatic pool cover, which allows one person to cover and uncover the pool with the simple turn of a key. And instead of having to roll up a bulky mat and find a place to store it, an automatic cover winds up on a spindle and sits neatly to the side. This allows you to maintain a minimalist look while keeping your pool clean and safe at all hours of the day.


 Considering Entertainment Features 

A swimming pool can entertain children for hours on end, but this isn’t usually the case with adults. If you want the entire family to enjoy time around the pool, think about entertainment features and how they fit into your poolscape. Options include a bar, grilling station, TVs, waterproof sound systems, and more.


 Accounting for Shade and Comfort 

Comfort is something you absolutely have to account for; otherwise, you’ll end up with a beautiful pool that nobody wants to use. In hot regions, you’ll want to think about shade structure. There are a variety of options, including pool houses, arbors, pergolas, gazebos, and semi-permanent umbrellas. But an even better option is to landscape around the poolscape in a way that provides protection from the sun.

Make Your Poolscape an Asset

Your poolscape should add to, not take away from your overall landscape. The key is to avoid getting hyper-focused on a single element and instead take the big picture into account. From lighting to shade, every little aspect of your poolscape matters.


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