Amazingly Designed Bathrooms

For many people, the bathroom is a place where rejuvenation takes place. Whether you’re soaking in a whirlpool bath or just taking a well deserved timeout from an incredibly hectic day, the bathroom is the one room in your home where people intrude the least. Great bathrooms start with amazing designs. The following considerations help the creative process when it comes to bathroom design.


Amazingly Designed Bathrooms

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If your current bathroom reminds you of an outhouse, the time for a bathroom remodel has arrived. Start the project with research about available products and bathroom accessories. Homeowners often worry about the cost of remodeling a bathroom. While remodeling is not free, good design offsets some of the costs. Consider adding semi-precious stone tile or surfaces, luxury fixtures, and a bathing area that you love.

Start With Function

Design is the reality of function. The best-designed bathrooms take in all the functions for which people use the space. Thinking about how you use your bathroom is the first place to begin the remodeling process. Start your list with all the things that you love about the bathroom. Those might include tub placement, privacy, and the color scheme.

Include in that brainstorming the negatives too. Make a list that details what you dislike about your bathroom. Possible entries on that list might include poor lighting, small counters, tub size, and even ugly tile. Don’t spare the bathroom’s feelings.

Add in Luxury

Amazingly Designed Bathrooms

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What is on your list of luxury bathroom items? For many, a decadent tub with jets and plenty of hot water tops the list. However, a lot of little things are also luxurious and help transform your ordinary bathroom into your master bath. If there is room, consider a separate tub and shower unit. A customized shower with glass walls helps to show off beautiful tile work. Natural stone floor tile is also a plus, especially if you install an underfloor heating system. Never walk on a cold floor again.

Beautiful Tile Work

Amazingly Designed Bathrooms

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Tile and stonework are critical. The added combination of color, size, and pattern will strengthen a beautiful bathroom, or it can ruin it. Sometimes busy designs in tile work erode the peaceful and relaxing qualities of the most beautiful bathrooms. Bold designs are okay; just remember that the result is much larger in life than on paper. Using larger pieces of tile often costs less per square foot than micro-sized tile.

Semi-Precious and Natural Stone Accents

Amazingly Designed Bathrooms

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The variety of semi-precious and natural stone tile and surfaces is impressive. Those range from customized surfaces composed of a kaleidoscope of stones to semi-precious onyx, rose quartz, marble, and other stone counters and tile.

Granite is a luxury stone that is often used in homes, but it is just one of many options available for bathroom remodel jobs. Explore your options when it comes to tile and surfaces. The choices are amazing.

Lux Fixtures That Add Decadence

Amazingly Designed Bathrooms

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High-quality fixtures can dress up any room. In the bathroom, faucets, taps, and shower heads allow you to personalize the bathroom. The right bathroom accessories might include a flexible shower head or his-and-hers sink faucet handles.

Fixtures add masculine and feminine qualities depending upon the choice of the fixture. They come in a variety of platings, such as gold, silver, and nickel. Alternately, some fixtures are cast in pure bronze or copper. Fixtures offer a way in which the bathroom design can be pulled together.

Does Size Matter?

Amazingly Designed Bathrooms

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Bathrooms with excellent design allow even the smallest of bathrooms to feel luxurious. It all comes down to function and how design increases the real function of the space available.

If you have a bathroom that needs an overhaul, consider remodeling it. Beautiful bathrooms add value to your home and to your life. Modern construction methods combined with outstanding advancements in bathroom features allow the addition of luxury even in the smallest bathrooms. Say goodbye to the outhouse.


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