Amazing architecture in Sydney’s Northern Suburbs

The residential property landscape of Sydney’s Northern Suburbs comprises of a rich mix of the different architectural styles. These architecture styles exhibit a diverse range of the influences, and has developed over centuries possess the best features from the dominating architecture styles in these years.

With a broad range of styles and variations, the architecture in the Sydney’s Northern Suburbs has gleaned amazing popularity. The architecture firms such as Playoust Churcher and others have designed some of the masterpieces in this area. The major architecture styles which you can commonly find in the Sydney’s Northern Suburbs include:

Victorian Architecture Styled Buildings

The Victorian architecture is a style that encompasses a variety of different styles which were conceived during the middle of the 19th century. Queen Victoria’s timeless influence means this architecture style derived its name from her. Typically, this style conveys sheer elegance and the homes designed with the backdrop of the Victorian style possess the following features:

  • The façade is often embellished with stucco that has been rendered with the decorative coating along with the cast iron lacework in the balustrades and verandas.
  • The roof of the house is usually of the corrugated galvanised iron or of slate, with the timber eaves.
  • Another classifying feature is the double hung timber windows which are often shaped as an arch.


Edwardian Style

Developed under the King Edward VIIth’ s reign, this style possesses a lot of similarities with the style of Queen Anne. Howevr, the major difference is that the houses in the Edwardian style have significantly less ornamentation.

Some of the typical features of the houses constructed in the Edwardian Style include:

  • The external side of the house is either festooned with the red bricks or the painted weather boards.
  • The roof of the house is usually of the corrugated galvanised iron, of terracotta or of slate.
  • The roofs are mostly gabled in form often with the decorative ornaments which emphasize the roof’s apex


Art Deco

A style which gained popularity in 1930s was one of the most contemporary styles of that time. This style derived a plethora of features from the popular German Bauhaus School of Modern Design. The dwellings in the Art Deco style portray an image of artistic appreciation and flair. This is a style of architecture which is being used even today in the same way as it was when it got invented, and the houses built in this style look astoundingly elegant. One can find a lot of homes built with the backdrop of Art Deco style in the Sydney’s Northern Suburbs.

Some differentiating features of the Art Deco Styled Buildings include:

  • The walls of the house have solid bricks or the painted weather boards with the double hung windows
  • The roof of the house is generally hipped with all the sides sloping downwards. These downward sloping sides are festooned with the terracotta tiles
  • Some of these homes exhibit the art deco ornamentation such as low-relief sculptures, or unqiue angular leadlight windows

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