Al Noor Tower Morocco

Al Noor Tower is a Business Tower
The design of Al Noor Tower is elegant and gives the feeling of a weeding dress.
From the side the tower look like a fountain pen which is the tool that Sheikh Tarek is using to design the future.
The hight of the tower is 540 m to remaind us that Africa has 54 countries. Everyone in Africa will feel part of that tower.
The facade design represent the 1’000 language of Africa in a pixalte way. 

Al Noor Towers will always have :

:: Offices
:: Trading platform (Precious commodities or/& commodities or/& stock exchange)
:: Business Centre and Conference Hall 
:: Exhibition Centre for Events
:: Safe storage facilities
:: Luxury shops & Arcades
:: 7 star hotel (Around 200 Suites)
:: Spa & Health centre  (around 2’000 m2 dedcated to health)
:: Art Gallery (around 2’500 m2 dedcated to Art)
:: Gastronomic Restaurants & Organics Coffee-Shops
:: Kids Corner

al noor tower 01

al noor tower 02

al noor tower 03

al noor tower 04

al noor tower 05

al noor tower 06

al noor tower 07

al noor tower 09

al noor tower 10

al noor tower 11

al noor tower 12

al noor tower 13

al noor tower 14

al noor tower 15

al noor tower

The Name : Al Noor Tower

Al Noor Tower is part of a bigger project from Middle East Development Dubai Al Noor City – The City of Lights
Owner : Sheikh Tarek M. Binladen ( MED – Dubai – UAE)
Project Manager & Concept of the tower : Amédée Santalo ( Concept Designer – FR )
Architect : Denis Valode ( Valode & Pistre – Paris FR)
The Hight : 540 m
The Floors : 114
Living Area : 335’000 m2
Builtup Area : 375’000 m2
The minimum ground surface needed for the tower only : 7 hectares
The minimum ground surface needed including the podium : 25 hectares
The Atrium : 100 m

The concept of Al Noor Tower is to build a platform where important business will take place.

The tower itself will act as a powerful motor to boost the economy of the country where it will be located.



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