7 Fabulous Ideas to Make Your Home Interior Look Expensive

Your home reflects the kind of personality that you have. If your home looks expensive, it will make others think you have excellent taste. But if you are struggling because you do not know how to decorate your home and you equally don’t have the budget for expensive items, the best thing to do is to make your guests think your fixtures and furniture are expensive.

When it comes to homes, a little can go a long way. Just look at Louie Santaguida’s style of building residential properties: he knows how to make small living spaces look modern and eco friendly using good quality materials.

Here are 7 incredible ideas to make your guest room look expensive:

  1. Have an eye for detail – if you want to pull off the illusion that your home looks very classy and elegant while still sticking to your budget, you must have a very good eye for detail, especially when it comes to colors and patterns. There is a technique called crown molding that can make your home give the appearance of being “complete” or “finished.” And the best thing is, it pretty cheap to pull of this design technique because it uses plastic and printable materials.  So  there’s no need to stress about going over your budget.
  1. Use pillows – Pillows are another good way to make your home look glamorous. By spreading pillows around your home, you will give your guests the illusion that your home is cozy and comfortable. It will give you that layered, celebrity feeling when guests start to enter your living space. When it comes to comfort, it should be the number one thing any condo owner should look for in order to live like you have a very expensive home.
  1. Colors matter – When it comes to elegance, the hardest part about designing your home will be your choice of color patterns. The color that you choose for your home should be dark and bold: like midnight blue, or black. This will give anyone the feeling that your home is expensive.
  1. Make use of your windows – Not only will this be very cheap and eco friendly, but this will be one of the easiest parts of your home to design. When putting style into your window, it is important that you go with thick, natural, silk or linen curtains to achieve the feeling of an elegant home. There are a lot of curtains out there that are really cheap that you can buy.
  1. Choose the appropriate lighting – In any home, lighting always makes a difference in size and will amplify the design of your home. There are cheaper materials that you can buy from flea markets that are half the price of normal lighting fixtures. You can try experimenting with candle-shaped lights, that way it’s not only cheaper, but you also save yourself some money.
  1. Hardwood will make a difference – Compared to using carpets, hardwood is a better pick because using carpeting will not achieve the same effect that a classic hardwood floor will give off. The trick to hardwood is to make sure that you use different types of hardwood material to give off that luxurious feeling.
  1. Keep your home as uncluttered as possible – Keeping your home free from clutter will say a lot about you as the owner. Try to arrange your furniture far from each other. This will not only say that you are a classy and organized person, but it will also make your home appear so much nicer.

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