5 Vital Points To Consider For Treatment Of Oversized Windows

New construction, especially around new homes and business buildings, aren’t following the traditional architecture norms. They are building the houses and offices with a touch of innovation and creativity It is becoming more common for these properties to have irregular or oversized windows. Such windows can be the focal point of a beautifully designed room. While oversized windows can greatly enhance the overall dΓ©cor of the home or office, they need window treatments to provide privacy and light control and to further highlight the room.


Here are the top 5 ways in which oversized windows can be treated:

  • The first step towards choosing the right window treatment is to understand that what function you want. If privacy is the biggest issue, you can look at hard window treatments, such as honeycomb shades. You can also consider curtains or drapes as the perfect solution because they are designed specifically for large windows. However, if light control is your concern, you would have to look out for window treatment solutions which can block the natural sunlight, like privacy lining or blackout lining.
  • If you need both privacy and blackout, blinds can offer the ideal solution. Blinds can be opened in vertical or horizontal tracks and are available in an assortment of materials ranging from metals to wood. Synthetic materials, like faux wood blinds, or fake wood are one of the most cost-efficient ways of covering the windows.
  • Shades can also be used and these are available in a variety of materials such as wood, fabric, natural fibers, synthetic fibers and much more. They offer contemporary looks and styles and can offer the traditional look when designed with hard folds and relaxed folds.
  • Remote controlled shades are ideal for the rooms where the windows are too high to be reached easily. The oversized windows can be installed with shades with a remote control to make it easy to cover & uncover the windows. These can also be a good option for the offices and study rooms where you need perfection in every aspect of the room including the dΓ©cor.
  • Consult a professional window treatment designer to ensure that you choose the right option and do not compromise privacy or light control in order to install a trendy window treatment.


Apart from these tips, you would also need to consider the fact that how you want the window treatments to be hung on your windows. Some window treatments cover the entire wall of the windows and spans from the ceiling to the floor. These look very trendy, but is important that you choose the right material. If the material selection is not done wisely, you may end up with an average looking window.

Window treatments can be a big investment and it’s vital that you mull over these aspects and evaluate the windows before zeroing down on the window treatments that you need.


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