5 Things it’s Easy to Forget About When Redesigning Your Kitchen

Before you made a plan to redesign your kitchen, you probably never thought about how space in the room is supposed to flow. All of a sudden, you have to consider cabinet size and proximity to appliances, lighting, temperature, and color scheme. With all that in mind, there are several considerations that most people forget when they’re redesigning their kitchen. Before you commit to expensive ideas, think about the little things.

1. The Backsplash

A backsplash is the tile or granite design on the walls above your stove and usually your counters. It can be quite charming aesthetically and give the whole kitchen some real character, but it also serves an important function. Grease, oil, and food products from cooking can easily make a mess out of your walls if you don’t have one. They aren’t always necessary, but they should be considered.kitchen-cabinets-modern-light-wood-032-s1643649-granite-backsplash

2. Not Enough Storage

You’re busy measuring cabinets and deciding on wood finishes, but you don’t stop to make sure there are enough of them, and that they are big enough to hold everything you need. Without adequate storage space for pots, pans, appliances, and food, a kitchen can easily start to look cluttered. These days, most people even prefer to shut their microwave behind cabinet doors.fh01sep_addkit_01_svqge_zxssh

3. Counter, Appliance, Counter

A common flaw in kitchen design is placing the appliances in the kitchen triangle – stove, refrigerator, and sink – too close together. Or too far away. Or worse, you’re leaving them with no nearby counter space to put things. Remember that when you’re pulling a dish out of the oven, you’re not going to want to walk across the room to set it down. And when you’re learning how to defrost a freezer, you’ll need space to stack the contents.

4. The Floor

It’s easy to overlook what you’re actually walking on in your kitchen, or to base the decision on aesthetics instead of function. You don’t want to find out after your design is through that the pretty ceramic tile you chose is rough to stand on when you cook dinner. And you don’t want to discover your polyurethane-coated wood floors are instant magnets for scratches.Cork-Kitchen-Flooring-Options-588x529

5. Electrical Outlets

It’s a very small detail, but too many ugly electrical outlets can ruin an attractive kitchen design. You want to make sure you have enough in all the right places so you can easily use appliances, but you also want to cover them appropriately. You can even try placing them higher or in less noticeable spots for camouflage.
Redesigning your kitchen is a massive task, and you shouldn’t undertake it without expert advice. But it’s also up to you to decide exactly how you want the room to look and how to personalize your space. Keep in mind the function of the kitchen as well as the form, and your end result should make your family happy for years to come.


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