5 Great Ideas for Outdoor Living

Nothing allows you to feel more a part of the natural world than getting outside and being amongst the flora and fauna of your local environment. So why not modify your living space to include an outdoor room/area, so you can begin adding a little more al fresco options to your daily routine. If you’re wondering what types of household spaces function well in the outdoors, here are 5 great examples that will work in various seasons and climates.

1. Fire Pit


It may sound obvious and simple, but a fire pit provides you with two important functions in an outdoors space—light and heat. Fire pits are easy to install, they can be purchased from a local garden store, or can be constructed using various stones. Remember, when purchasing different types of furniture to go alongside your fire pit, be sure to check that they are fire retardant, and follow all safety precautions around the fire pit.

2. Covered Veranda

If what you’re after is an outdoor space that can be used rain or shine, than a covered veranda might be the perfect fit. With a tiled floor and comfortable indoor furniture you can combine the easy maintenance of a purely outdoor space, and the comfort of your family living room. Add some decorative garden lights from Tesco and you’ve got a great relaxing atmosphere.


3. Outdoor Bar and Counter

One of the most enjoyable things to do outside is drink and eat, and while it can be expensive to install an outdoor kitchen (we’ll get to that), an eating and drinking area is a perfect compromise, especially if you have an outdoor shed you could convert by cutting out a bar style window to serve up drinks to your closest friends.

4. Kitchen


Creating and outdoor kitchen often involves a decent amount construction and modifications, but the results are outstanding. The ability to cook a full meal outside in the fresh air, surrounded by family and friends, adds incredibly to the joyous atmosphere of even the smallest of occasions. Don’t forget to add on a neighbouring dining area.

5. Dining Area


If you’re looking for something that works in all weather, than you may have to think about installing an awning over your outdoor dining room. But for the ultimate atmospheric meal, install a rustic and weather stained table under a larger tree in your backyard—think oak, or beech—and don’t forget to set-up an adjustable lighting system to fit all styles of meals.

Sometimes, between home-life and work-life, it can feel like we spend all our time indoors, so why not invigorate your days with a fresh sense of outdoor living?


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