The 5 Best Interior Upcycle Designs

If you want to make the interior of your house look unique on a budget, then you can take inspiration from everyday upcycled objects. There are many different sites dedicated to showcasing the weird and wonderful, yet in most cases practical designs are made from discarded items. Here are our top 7 upcycled household ideas:

DIY Smartphone Projector

Quick and fun to make, this project is great for when you want to watch something on a big screen, but don’t necessarily own one. It costs around 60p to make and is a fun way to spend some of your free time: have put a post together detailing exactly how to turn a cardboard box into a cheap DIY smartphone projector – view the post here or watch the video:

Not interested in a smartphone projector? Then take a look at this post from detailing what else you can upcycle from cardboard boxes including a table lamps and chairs.

Wine Bottle Table Lamp

As one of the easiest things to upcycle, lamps are a common upcycled fixture of many living rooms and bedrooms these days. It is possible to turn pretty much any hollow object into aesthetically-pleasing light source – just make sure you wire it correctly. Take a look at these trendy wine bottle table lamps:

The guys at Factory Direct Craft Blog have put together a comprehensive how to guide on upcycling your old, unused bottles into lamps here. have also put together a post for upcycling wine bottles with a staggering 22 unique ideas!

A credit card mirror frame

Traditional mirror frames made of ‘wood’ and ‘metal’ can be pretty boring, let’s face it. Brighten up your room by collecting a handful of cards, cutting them up and sticking them together, before displaying your beautiful new creation, like this mirror frame made from credit cards:

Kayte Terry at has compiled a very insightful post on how to achieve thecredit card mirror frame using only 12 credit cards. Additionally, Totally Money and How to Reuse it Creatively have put together lists for upcycling using only credit cards including jewellery, guitar picks, glue spreaders and much more.

Piano coffee table

If you have a theme running through your house or you just love the look of this piece, a piano coffee table can be an amazing way to transform a room. It’s amazing what a piece of Plexiglas and a set of piano keys can do: mention the coffee table above as well as 11 other ideas, so if you’re about to scrap your old piano think again, your old piano could be converted into a stylish headboard, bookshelf or even a garden! A special mention also has to be made to Dishfunctional Designs, they have also put together a vast array of upcycling ideas for an old piano, take a look here.

Pallet Key Rack

These wooden shipping palettes have been redesigned into rustically great-looking – not to mention trendy – key racks. A great way to upcycle and help you never lose your keys, take a look:

These look great in any house, so popular that Etsy have started selling these online. If you’d prefer to use your old pallets in a different way look no further than here, have put together 25 unique ways to upcycle your pallet including a picnic table, a picture frame, a bed and much more.


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Author: Maja Markovski


A 35-year-old female architect with a passion for innovative, sustainable design. I blend creativity and functionality to transform spaces into beautiful, practical environments.


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