4 Things That Every Adult Bedroom Needs

As we stumble through our twenties and try to figure out who we are, it’s not unusual to be surrounded by chaos – which can often translate to a wild and disorganized bedroom. But when we get to the grand age of 30, the jigsaw pieces of our life should be beginning to click into place and drawers and shelves should be organized – not a place to place your trash. There are certain things that any self-respecting healthy adult should have in their home when they transcend the colossal gap that is our 20s to 30s.

Here’s four of our favorite ideas that your bedroom really shouldn’t be without.

Art that reflects you

Minimalist Condominium Bedroom Interior Design

Minimalist Condominium Bedroom Interior Design

It can be easy enough to buy some mass-produced art from places like IKEA, but these are often used simply as an item to cover the walls. Art that actually speaks to you is worth so much more, as well as being a conversation piece when guests are around. Browse some of these sites and find something that matches your personality and your budget.

A prolific book shelf


Similar to an interesting painting or photograph, a large and imposing bookshelf provides a great talking-point for the room. More than that however, it displays the kind of personality you have: are you into the lighter side of fiction, such as Dan Brown or J.K Rowling, or do you love to debate philosophy from books written by Marx or Goethe? Sometimes a bookshelf displays more than just the contents of its shelves.

A bed fit for a king


As it’s somewhere that you spend roughly 6-8 hours per night in, a comfortable bed is paramount to being a working adult. It’s worth investing in a mattress that you can actually look forward to sleeping on at the end of a long day, such as those from Eve. What’s more, with an attractive looking bed frame, your bedroom can both look and feel comfortable.

Cozy seating


Sitting on your bed and reading the newspaper can be a common sight in the morning, but there’s a time and place. A comfortable armchair such as these will give your bedroom another asset, one that is practical and relaxing. Reading the newspaper in a leather armchair, while sipping on an afternoon tea, is one of life’s great luxuries.


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