4 Features that Add a Flawless Finish to Any Building

Architecture is varied, complex and some may say subjective. But there are certain elements that will universally stand out. Here are a few features that can add that flawless finish so characteristic to modern design to any building, when thought about carefully.

1. Incorporation of Nature

Any building, no matter how minimalistic or modern, will benefit from a consideration if not an incorporation of natural features. If you’re in the city, it could be a wall garden. If you’re constructing a new build in the countryside, you can even take the textures and colours from the natural surroundings to add into your design of the building exterior. It doesn’t even have to be so obvious. Using materials like natural wood and stone add perfect warmth to any part of a home. It’s all how you use it.


2. Harnessing Light

We all know that light is one of the most important elements of spatial design. But how do we harness it? Think about how to make the most of the light that hits your building by analysing its location. Play with the sunlight by mapping where it hits at different times of the day. Full-length glass windows and frameless glass curtains are ever-popular ways of opening up indoor spaces to light. They are one of the many ways to create a sense of freedom inside and openness outside the space.


3. Flow of Space

Since ancient architectural times, flow of space has been an integral part of building design. Humans intuitively sense harmony or discord in the arrangement of various rooms and areas as well as how they are combined. To create a flawless, modern feel, open-plan design has become increasingly popular in recent years. Modern homes are interchangeable spaces with multiple functions. This reflects the efficiency and convenience of our revolutionary technological devices and lifestyles.


4. Characteristic Highlights

We all love things that grab our attention. Patterns, colours, irregular features, personal touches and interesting angles are just some of the many ways that we can play with the intriguing nature of the human eye. Modern design may be minimal but there’s nothing saying that thoughtful additions to a neutral palette are not welcome. Some of the best buildings have brilliant highlights as a way to draw attention to a certain area. Make it your own with a highlight that suits your taste.



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