Think Big – Think Industrial Scale

What is the one thing that top 10 architectural build lists have in common? Inspired kitchen ideas for 2017, genius bathroom renovations for 2018, unmissable loft conversions for 2019, driveway expansion designs for 2020 – what do each depend upon? The idea, or the products to get the project kicked off and completed? The products! Surely the eureka moment for any architect would never get off the ground if they didn’t know how to achieve their goal with the right products.

Think Big – Think Industrial Scale

Tools of the trade for many architects are not DIY products stacked up in the garden shed, they are building equipment hired from five star rated companies and innovative products purchased from an industrial paint specialist company. They are contractors who have worked on similar builds, coordinate well as a team and aspire to run their own business one day – not fresh out of school teenagers looking for apprentice-level employment. Photographers are hired who know how to light a room, understand hour-of-the-day shadows and tactical accessory placements to ‘bring the frame together’, and can distribute these property photos to prospective buyers through website contacts – not a neighbour with Instagram and Pinterest level enthusiasm.

Inspiration comes from perspiration.

Inspiration comes from dedication.

Inspiration comes from motivation.

Inspiration comes from ambition.

Inspiration cannot come from cut-corners, half-measures and early-finishes.

Taking a lesson from the world’s leading brands will often be the quickest stepping stone to achieving a recognisable and viral idea. Looking to design the most incredible double garage and forecourt – look to Rolls Royce showrooms. Thinking about lush vegetation and exotic plants in the garden or roof seating area – look toward National Trust estates in the UK. Wanting to capture the romantic view of the setting sun from the proposed living room window – install the same glass panelling as used in Tony Stark’s house in the Iron Man movies. Inspired by the ‘cribs’ of hip-hop stars and their home surround sound systems – don’t think twice and shop where they shop!

Think Big – Think Industrial Scale

To transport the authenticity of a Taiwanese styled home to a holiday home on the West Coast of America the designer should not think twice about transporting furniture and furnishings to the new build, and neither should smaller scale renovations in Manchester, UK, do the same. The sale price of a property does reflect attention to detail and no architect should shop on eBay for these items, as that will be reflected on the “next best offer” sale compromise.

Surrounded by nature or inner city industrial architecture, create complimentary designs that incorporate the leading eco-friendly products from innovative manufacturers.

Think Big – Think Industrial Scale

The Benefits of Industrial Products

Internally, using the recognised and specialist floor paint manufacturer Sika, will allow you to install an acoustically sound flooring system, or a cushioned floor coating which is softer underfoot. Their range of anti-static floor paints are ideal for those setting up start-up home electronics ‘Silicon Valley’ company, too.

Think Big – Think Industrial Scale

Of course, having a coastal view also means that the building and its cladding will need to withstand the salty sea winds, which can savagely rust if the architect relies on the manufacturer’s coating alone – which when cut goes on to causing cut edge corrosion approximately 60% of the time. Balcony, swimming pool and roof-top decking would be better suited with an anti-slip coating, as fresh sea air equates to high levels of humidity, which can leave slippery surfaces and algae breeding grounds.

Vintage, antique styled and ornate furnishings – internally or externally – need tender loving care that does not ruin their unique features. Manufacturers, including Rust-Oleum, have several specialist ranges suited to this protective and sensitive task.

Think Big – Think Industrial Scale

Larger commercial builds will need to meet fire regulation standards, and the structural steel frames will need intumescent coatings, along with internal fire-doors and passive fire protection systems in place.

The ‘devil in the details’ behind a stunning piece of architecture means that the blueprints often spend months or even years in developments. The details are the correct products, and the best products are industrial scale ones.


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