Rethinking the Design of Rehab Centres

Inclusive and welcoming buildings that treat people in need of serious help with respect are proving to be necessary for healthcare practitioners. Individuals entering rehab are in need of soothing environments that steer them clear away from the drab and dreary aesthetics that might provoke them to relapse. As professional therapists are discovering, the architecture and keen design of a centre can, in fact, help patients heal quickly.

Rethinking the Design of Rehab Centres

Unfortunately, the vast majority of people envision rehab to be a rather sterile and bland place, where patients are locked into confined rooms without vibrancy and joy. This notion has caught the attention of architects worldwide like, Koen Van Velsen, to rethink the way they design and build spaces for people in need of serious, soothing treatment. The notion is not to be taken for granted at all, as their environment might be a jumping board for their success long-term. Van Velsen, for instance, believes in the meticulous design of unique spaces for people from all walks of life with differing needs. This, in turn, humanizes the building and omits the concepts of sterility, concrete-based buildings with little-to-no personality.

Currently, only the wealthiest of patients are capable of obtaining access or residency in the top rehabilitation centres in the world. The less fortunate are left with centres that do not cater to their needs from an emotional and psychological level as much. In fact, a greater percentage of patients staying low-income centres experience a greater amount of relapses or lower success rates, which might be correlated to the building themselves.

Architects today are looking for ways to bring opulence to all people in need of rehabilitation, regardless of their financial background. Interestingly, this does not necessarily entail prestigious settings or superficial environments. In fact, architects are recognizing the need for space, and lots of it, gardens, water, soothing color schemes, multi-faceted building design, windows, and the like to the overall rehabilitation experience. Luxury Beach Rehab (, for instance, which is a rehab center in Florida, is a perfect example of a well-designed environment and building. Surrounding water and landscapes, open spaces, and calming color designs lend to a truly cathartic experience that leaves patients refreshed, anew and cared for. Opulence can come in the form of the simple pleasures of life which is exactly what a new patient needs to see, feel, touch and experience when looking to change and improve.

Rethinking the Design of Rehab Centres

Florida Beach Rehab: A soothing aesthetic, evoking happiness, health and well-being


Rethinking the design of rehabilitation centres is an important one if we are to focus on the betterment of people in dire need of help and care. Unlike other therapeutic settings, individuals in need of rehab are looking for a space that will both help them psychologically and spiritually. Buildings must evoke sentiments of health, happiness and well-being in order for patients to achieve the level of success they are, ultimately, aiming for.


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